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Battlefield 2042: Fix all Errors, Crashing, Server, Directx & More

battlefield 2042 all error and crash fix

Battlefield 2042 has finally launched its Beta for everyone to play. There are a massive number of players who are trying to connect to the bf2042 servers at the moment. As the Beta goes live, there will be so many errors.

If you are getting errors while running the game, don’t worry. We have created a guide on how you can fix most of the errors in the game so that you can enjoy the game without any issues or problems.

Unable to connect to EA servers “Error message”

If you are getting this error message, then don’t worry. We have an easy fix for you. This error message is generally caused due to connectivity issues with the EA server. This means that the servers of battlefield 2042 are way too crowded, or third-party software is blocking the connection.

There could be many reasons for this error message. Some of them are mentioned below. Make sure you read all of them and determine which one is yours.

  • Server are down at the moment.
  • Bf2042 server goes live on 06/10/2021 on 07:00 UTC for Early access players only.
  • Open Beta starts from 08/10/2021 so you won’t be able to connect before then.
  • Some firewall block issue.

If you are still getting the error message after 06/10/2021, it’s because so many users are trying to join the game, which in turn causes problems with your connectivity.

EA and DICE are trying to fix all the errors in the game as soon as possible, but in the meantime, you can follow the steps given above to do it on your own.

Then easy fix is to disable your antivirus or clear any other firewall rules you added earlier. Try reconnecting your router cable and restarting your PC. Make sure your system is free of viruses. You can use Avast Antivirus to clean your PC.

Battlefield 2042 Crash Fix (not opening)

battlefield 2042 error fix crash

If your Battlefield 2042 is crashing, then don’t worry. We have a simple fix for it. The reason this happens is because of infected or corrupted game files or outdated drivers.

  • To fix this issue you have to simply update all your PC driver (use cleaner pro trial)
  • Go to steam and validate game files which will replace all the corrupted files.
  • Update DirectX to latest version.
  • Download and Install Visuall C++ all in one.

We will soon add all the error fixes that you need to play the game properly. Have a nice day, everyone.

Battlefield 2042 DirectX Error Fix

  1. Clear Origin Cache:
  2. Update Both version of visual C++ libraries
  3. Simply Clean the drivers graphics card for instance NVIDIA GeForce and use DDU.
  4. Download directx and update it from microsoft official website.

Battlefield 2042 DirectX Function Error

This error can be fixed by verifying game files nd updating windows and GPU drivers. There are some extra steps as well that you need to look into, So watch the video given below to fix them.

DirectX Function Error M_D3D12PipelineLibrary/CreatePipeLineState Resourced

Follow the steps carefully to fix the error “GXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED,” and other DirectX-related issues.

How to fix Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error

This error is basically server-sided. If you are getting this error, this means that you are unable to connect to the server. There could be many reasons for that. Some of them are given below.

  • Bf2042 Server capacity is full at the moment.
  • Load on battlefield 2042 servers.

You can see in the tweet below that the bf devs have already fixed the problem regarding the unknown error in battlefield 2042.

If you are still getting the error, it’s because your ISP has blocked the EA servers. Try contacting your ISP regarding the situation.

Watch the video above to perform the steps given above efficiently. After that, your DirectX error will be fixed permanently.

Battlefield 2042 Error Controlled Folder Access Blocked

How to Fix Controlled Folder Access Blocked BF2042.exe for making changes. This can easily be fixed in 2 minutes, Follow the steps given below.

  1. Open Windows defender.
  2. Then go to Virus and Threat Protection.
  3. Scroll Download and Click, Manage Ransomware protection.
  4. Click Alow App and then select BF2042.exe and BF2042Trial.exe file.
  5. Done Enjoy your game now.

Battlefield 2042 Fix Not Saving, Settings Not Saving, Intro Starts Every time

In this method, I will tell you the best way to Fix Not Saving, Settings Not Saving, Intro Starts Every time in Battlefield 2042.

  1. Allow the Game exe file to be recognised by your antivirus and Windows security software.
  2. Permanently Close or uninstall Microsoft OneDrive.
  3. Navigate to Documents\Battlefield V\settings and remove “_tmp” part from “PROFSAVE_tmp” file.
  4. Make a new user account. Make sure its Local.

Battlefield 2042 Crashes Xbox Series X, Auto Shutdown Fix

To Fix the error bf 2042 auto crash on Xbox series x and auto shutdown, then there is a very simple workaround to this problem, All you have to do is enroll in Xbox Insider.

  1. Sign in to Xbox with the gamertag you used to sign up for the Xbox Insider Program.
  2. To launch the guide, press the Xbox button, then select My games & apps > See all.
  3. Select Xbox Insider Hub from the Apps menu.
  4. Choose Install. The same procedures should be followed to install the Report an issue app.

if you have these issues on your PC, then you can also enroll on Xbox Insider app on your PC and the problem will fix itself.

Can’t Download Battlefield 2042 On Origin/EA App There’s A Problem With Your Download

  1. Sometimes the order is in pending make sure your paymanet went through succesfully.
  2. Simply change your payment method and this will fix the error.
  3. If still not working restart your system.
  4. Disable your antivirus.
  5. Make sure your firewall is off.
  6. Enjoy BF2042.

Battlefield 2042 Error Unable To Load Persistence Data A Known Issue

This issue is from EA Side, So you don’t have to panic. EA is trying to fix it as soon as possible. You can read more about it in the EA article mentioned, If you are still getting the error then restart your PC and try again that should fix the problem.

How To Fix Can’t look left or right bug, Battlefield 2042

  1. First close the game if it’s opened.
  2. Now press the Windows key and search for This PC and open it.
  3. On the left side open documents.
  4. Right-click on the battlefield 2042 folder and delete the folder.
  5. This will fix this bug as it will replace the files with config files when you open the game.
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1 year ago

llaunch error on bf2042 the exe is classed as DIP STAGED any ideas why its corrupt and not executable

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