Battlefield 2042: Level UP faster and Earn Ribbons to Gain More XP

battlefield 2042 ribbons

Battlefield 2042 is back with the ribbon system. The ribbons were first introduced in Battlefield 4. You can use these ribbons to gain more XP in the game and level up faster in bf2042.

Battlefield 2042 has finally announced its Open Beta Release date for everyone. The new battlefield gameplay trailer was insane. Every battlefield fan is hyped about the game.

How to Earn More XP in Battlefield 2042 (farm)

To level up faster in bf2042, you need more and more XP, and Battlefield 2042 has introduced a new XP system to keep the user engaged till the end of the match.

Players who will stick till the end of the match and play with their teammates and help them till the end, and complete as much objective as they can receive more XP and, therefore, can level up faster on the battlefield.

Bf2042 Complete ALL Ribbon to Gain XP

Gaining XP using ribbon was first introduced in battlefield 4, and it became insanely popular. We all know that bf4 was a severe hit back then. Bf devs said that they had modified the ribbon system according to bf2042 to experience better gameplay.

Ribbons are quickly earned by completing different types of gameplay objectives. Ribbons have up to 3 tiers. It would help if you made as much progress as possible on a specific ribbon to gain more XP at the end of the round.

  1. Objective Ribbon
    • Play or complete the objective.
  2. Wingman Ribbon
    • Unlock these by healing or reviving your teammates or helping in some other ways.
  3. Logistics Ribbon
    • Heal players, Resupply player ammo, repair damage vehicles and tanks.
  4. Intel Ribbon
    • Destroy enemy drones, and Spot the enemies.
  5. Combat Ribbon
    • Kill more player and destroy as much vehicles possible.

Max Player Level in Battlefield 2042 is 99. You can start earning more XP during this open beta and keep the progress for the actual release. As you are leveling up in the game, you will get more and more cosmetics, vehicles, skins, and many more.

Suppose you are Lvl 99 do you think the grind is over? No, after level 99, you can continue to play the game and level up from S001 to S999. The grind has already begun, so what are you waiting for?

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