Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Beginners Guide. This Guide will help you to become better at playing in the new game mode called Hazard Zone BF2042. This is a new game mode that is undoubtedly inspired by Escape from Tarkov and Hunt Showdown.

People are excited about this new game mode because it’s a brand new addition in battlefield 2042, and the BF community is thrilled to play something new. I have been waiting for this game mode for a long time, but we were finally able to see the glimpse for the new Trailer gameplay for hazard zone.

There were rumours back when bf2042 was announced that the Hazard zone would be free to play like the warzone, but EA recently announced that the game would be an addition to the complete pack of bf2042 means you have to buy the full game to experience Hazard Zone.

Tip 1: Hazard Zone Basic Fundamentals

If you are unfamiliar with this new game mode, then don’t worry. It’s not a highly complex game mode. We will tell you the basics of how the Hazard Zone works and how you can achieve more wins in the hazard zone.

Main Objective

hazard zone guide bf2042

The main objective of the hazard zone is that you and three other members (Squad of 4) Drop into the battlefield. Your main task is to locate and retrieve data drives scattered all across the map in the battlefield 2042 hazard zone.

You have to fight enemies (opposing squads) along the way who only have one thing in mind to get that data drives before you do. You need to successfully gather the data drivers and extract them before the storm overtakes the area.

Tip 2: Choosing the best Specilist in BF2042

Specialist in bf2042 is the most important as the class system is no longer in the battlefield like the good old days. So we now have to settle for what we have in the game. Choosing the right specialist is the key to winning the hazard zone.

Which Specialist is best for the Hazard Zone?

hazard zone best specialist guide

There are multiple specialists in the battlefield 2042, but what specialist is best for you? That’s the primary concern. In the beta, we were able to see 4 Specialists that have different types of gadgets from one another.

    • Class: Recon
    • Gadget: OV-P Recon Drone
    • Trait: Movement Sensor
    • Birth Place: South Africa
    • Class: Engineer
    • Gadget: SG-36 Sentry Gun
    • Trait: Sentry Operator
    • Birth Place: Russia
    • Class: Support
    • Gadget: S21 Syrette Pistol
    • Trait: Combat Surgeon
    • Birth Place: Germany
    • Class: Assault
    • Gadget: Grappling Hook
    • Trait: Nimble
    • Birth Place: Canada
    • Class: Engineer
    • Gadget: Fortification System
    • Trait: Veteran
    • Birth Place: United States

Your team cannot select the same specialist as in valorant. You all have different types of specialists you have to decide which one is better for you if you are playing with randoms. If you are playing with your squad, you should make the perfect team with all the required specialists in the hazard zone.

Tip 3: Weapons and Equipements

best loadout for bf2042

Choosing the right weapon and equipment in the game is very crucial. Selecting the right weapon in the battlefield is very necessary because it will make a lot of difference. There are many guns in the battlefield 2042.

    • M5A3
    • AK24
    • 4v9
    • SCAR-H
    • Chukavin SVCh
    • DSR-1
    • TG-24
    • Carl Gustaf M4
    • FN40GL
  4. SMGS
    • PBX-45
    • K30
  5. LMGS
    • PKP Pecheneg
    • LCMG
    • G57
    • M44
    • Remington 870

You can always choose the weapon that you are easily able to use and control. In my case, I have been using a log of PBX-45 a lot. It’s a short to medium range SMG with a high amount of damage and a very easy to control recoil. This weapon is a beast if you like SMGS.

But in the end, it all comes down to preference, whether you are a long-range sniper player or you like to engage in hand to hand combat using the deadly SMGs. Whatever your choice is, it will help you improve your game.

Equipments in hazard zone are also beneficial. You can always use c5 or ammo box for extra ammo space, or you can pick up some extra heals for the way. You have to choose according to your team because only teamwork can help you get more wins.

Tip 4: Dark Market Credits (DMC)

Dark Market Credits is an excellent integration in hazard zone that can help you give an extra edge in the battle. Spend your credits to take your loadout and better equipment in the game before the match even starts.

You can purchase items like SMG’s, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and more. You can also buy more Ammo, health, c5, grenades and other equipment so that you can survive longer in the game.

Remember, the more DMC you have, the more secure and better your chances of winning the game. So you need to collect more DMC in the game.

Don’t worry if you don’t have that much DMC to buy all the equipment. Then you can select an Assualt Rifle or an SMG without attachments to get you started. Head in the field kill players with high profiles and take their weapons.

Tip 5: Maximum use of Uplinks

hazard zone uplinks guide

Uplinks are similar to the Call of duty’s contract system. Uplinks – Laptops are scattered all across the map in the battlefield 2042. You can collect all of the uplinks to get extra support in the game, like reviving your teammate, Health, Vehicles, Weapons and more.

All Types of Uplinks in Hazard Zone

Currently, there are only three types of uplinks in the battlefield 2042 Hazard zone. As mentioned above, all of these uplinks are scattered in the form of laptops across all of the maps you have to collect them.

  • Vehicle Uplinks.
    • You can call in a LATV4 Recon.
  • Ranger Uplinks aka Support Uplink.
    • You can call a Ranger.
  • Reinforcement Uplinks aka Redeploy Uplink.
    • Redeplor or revive your teammates.

All of the Uplinks are important in the game. So I suggest you scan all over the areas to collect as many uplinks as possible so you can get more out of your game and have a fun experience whatsoever.

Tip 6: Extracting data drives faster

hazard zone extract drives faster bf2042 guide

Data Drives are your key to victory. The soon you can find your data drives, the fast you can extract yourself and your teammates out of the battlefield.

There are two extraction phases in one game. So you have to collect the data as soon as possible and get out of there as quickly as possible in the first phase. If you cannot do so, you still have a chance to get out in the second phase.

First phase of Extraction in Hazard Zone

The first extraction phase opens as soon as the match starts, but you have to find the locations of the data drives. After you have successfully established the location of drives, you need to hurry and collect them.

Now you have to arrive at a point marked with green smoke on the map. This is where it gets brutal opposing forces will be altered about your extraction. They will be fighting you to get those drives. You need to fight the opposing forces and get out of there are soon as possible. If one of your teammates cannot board the plane, They will be left there to die.

Second Phase of Extraction in Hazard Zone

hazard zone tornado guide

Once your extraction is completed, the storm comes in to take the whole place down, which make the game even more exciting but dangerous at the same time. This is your last attempt to find the data and extract your team out of danger.

If the enemy teams have already retrieved these data drives, then you have to find them using your data drive scanners and get those data drives from them. Keep in mind that other players are tracking you like you are monitoring others.

The final extraction begins when the storm is at its maximum. This is your last chance to hunt down the team for data drives or get taken down by the storm. The choice is yours at this point.

These are the six tips for Hazard Zone to make you a better player in the game. We will be adding more tips and tricks for the battlefield. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified whenever we post. I hope you all have a nice day.

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