BF 2042: Indian Specialist Naveen Rao Explained (Guide)

Indian Specialist naveen rao battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has released complete information on all the remaining specialists we couldn’t see in the BETA. They showed off a total number of 5 Specialists. One of them was Naveen Rao, an Indian Specialist.

Naveen Rao is a hacker and ex-MARCOS (Marine Commando Force of India). He is introduced in the upcoming specialist that we all will experience in the New Battlefield 2042.

The most technical-minded No-Pat to ever exist. Naveen Rao has studied electronics engineering. He has recovered from a debilitating illness. Once he was healed, he decided to help humanity by joining the Indian Army and the Indian Navy. Naveen Rao Protects the poor and helps those who need it.

Battlefield 2042 Naveen Rao Information

The Indian Hacker Specialist is born in India, and he is a member of the Recon class in the game. Indian Cyber Security experts highly inspire the character in the Indian Military. Naveen Rao also has a Cyber Warfare Suite to hack vehicles and hack other players using Trojan Networks.

Place of BirthIndia
Specialty Cyber Warfare Suite
TraitTrojan Network
Naveen Rao Traits explained
Trait: Trojan Network Naveen Rao bf2042

Trojan Network is an incredible perk in bf2042. I love the Indian specialist Naveen Rao. This perk can help you reveal the location of all the nearby enemies when you kill a hacked enemy.

This means that killing a hacked enemy reveals enemies around them, which will give you a massive advantage in the game. You can hack any of the players in an open field and then snipe them to reveal the location of the players nearby this way. You can help your team quickly.

Specialty: Cyber Warfare Suite in bf2042 naveen rao

Cyber Warfare Suite consists of fantastic elements that you can use on the battlefield. The essential component of this suite is that it can hack everything and all the interactable objects in the game.

  • Naveen Rao can hack vehciles.
  • Naveen Rao can hack drones.
  • and Pretty much any interable object possible.

If you want to get better in-game, we have created multiple guides on battlefield 2042 that you can check out today to start dominating.

This specialist will change the scene of battlefield 2042. I am glad that DICE decided to add an extraordinary specialist like Naveen Rao to the battlefield 2042.

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