How to get Battlefield 3: Reality Mod (Download & Install)


Battlefield 3, probably the best-ever instalment in DICE and EA’s flagship FPS series, is getting a major makeover thanks to a huge realism mod that will add realistic visuals, reworked gameplay, and multiplayer servers.

The much-anticipated Battlefield 3 Reality Mod’s release date has been set for July 17. Upon the date, PC players will be able to download the Battlefield 3 Reality Mod, a seven-year undertaking inspired by the “Project Reality” mod.

The gameplay trailer was released on YouTube last week.


How to Install the BF3 Reality Mod

  • You’ll need to own a legit copy of the game, purchased either from EA or Steam.
  • Additionally, all of the DLCs are required. Hence it is recommended to buy the Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, and keep the latest update installed.
  • Run Battlefield 3’s vanilla version once to create the configuration files.
  • Download and install the Venice Unleashed (VU) client.
  • Launch the client and login with your account.
  • You are then required to link your Origin account to your VU account. For this, run the Origin/EA App in the background.
  • Create a Player. You can create up to 4 players with one account.
  • Go to the server browser and search for RM, or you can filter the results by using the “realitymod” tag.
  • Join the RM server of your choice, and enjoy!

Battlefield 3 Reality Mod also promises a 24-hour day-night cycle with dynamic weather, engagements supporting more than 100 players, and several in-game radio channels, including positional audio, in addition to the revamped gameplay.


Considering the delays and other issues with the launch of Battlefield 2042 last year, Battlefield 3 Reality Mod appears like the greatest modern-setting Battlefield sequel we’ll get despite taking a team of 80 volunteers and 7 years to develop.

Although, this mod is not affiliated with Electronic Arts or DICE.

For more updates, keep an eye on the official website and the Twitter page.

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