Top 5 Beginner Tips to Help You Dominate MultiVersus

MultiVersus is an F2P fighting video game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. The game features characters from all of the Warner Bros catalog, including those from WB, DC Comics, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Cartoon Network as well.

MultiVersus is a game where the controls are easy and feel enjoyable. Fighting game meta often changes frequently due to balance patches and the release of new characters. These are some good beginner tips that will help you acquire an edge over the competitors in MultiVersus for anyone just picking up this free fighter.

Know your Characters Well

The various roles that each character in MultiVersus plays in a battle will give you a basic understanding of how they interact and what purpose they serve. These classes are assassins, tanks, support, and bruisers.


Tanks are built for close-quarters combat and are the hardest to take out.

Support roles combine support and assault for your buddy.

Bruisers are more powerful iterations of tanks, but they are simpler to take out.

Assassins are strikers with limited health and high damage. If you want to land swift hits and kills while also being able to escape danger, you’ll need to have excellent control and comprehension of your character’s movements.

Dodge, Duck and Dive

Avoiding danger is crucial. And the dodge roll is now really powerful in the game. For instance, you can dodge roll right out of a lot of high-commitment movements. You can also dodge being mid-air.

The more you dodge, though, the less effective your dodge will be, so you’ll need to pay attention to your dodge metre. As a result, even if you must utilise this tool regularly.

Cooperative Synergy


MultiVersus’ roster contains a number of features that are particularly targeted at benefiting your partner. The “preferred” way to play MultiVersus is 2v2. Therefore, be sure to understand what your position in the team is. Your effectiveness in a team will increase as you become more accustomed to your tools.

Find your Main and Level Up

Each character in MultiVersus has a progression system. Naturally, you’ll start with them all at level 1, and as you participate in more matches and get XP, they’ll gradually level up. You should choose a character you want to keep with early on and level them up as quickly as you can. As you level up that character, they will begin to gain advantages that are specific to them and enhance them in various ways.

You can start training perks after a character reaches level nine. This enables you to teach a character how to use a perk that a separate character learns for the price of gold. However, you will receive a reduction on the cost of the gold if you have already unlocked the perk on one character that you wish to train on a separate character.


Read the Glossary

Finally, MultiVersus has a tonne of mechanics. The glossary found in the main menu is actually helpful for learning the characters. You may easily understand more complex systems like armour, charmed, disorient and others by using this. Going through the glossary will allow you to quickly and easily refer to what does what when you come across something new in a match.

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