Rumbleverse Ultimate Beginners Guide (Attacks, Self-Revive & More)

Rumbleverse is a new F2P brawler battle royale game developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Epic Games.

40 players are dropped into the city of Grapital, where they engage in combat with the objective of being the last one standing. Rumbleverse, in comparison to other titles on the market, focuses on melee combat. Players have no access to any guns or other weapons. Punches, kicks, and elbow drops are just a few of the players’ base attacks. Stronger assaults cannot be blocked; they must instead be dodged. Although, basic attacks can be blocked.

Since the game is fairly new, we are here to help you with everything that you need to begin your journey in the game.

The Attacks Ranking Order

As a fighting game, Rumbleverse has an attack priority system that is crucial to understand if you seek to succeed. The attack hierarchy is organised as follows, from highest priority to lowest:

  • Super
  • Power
  • Weapon
  • Special Strike
  • Basic Strike
  • Special Vicious
  • Basic Vicious

Vicious attacks are typically throw attacks and grapples, which are always overcome by strikes. The Power tier is arguably the most ambiguous, yet it is currently only given to three movements, two of which are available to all players equally.

Use the Surroundings to Your Advantage

The downtown area is filled with enormous buildings, and there are detachable street signs, bouncing cars, and railroad tracks all over the place. Make use of these factors on both the attacking and defensive sides of the ball. Staying on top of the rooftops for a while is an acceptable way to remain out of trouble while gathering a powerful stockpile of boosts, wrestling moves, and other stuff for a fight.

Dodging and Bailing Out

The best defence in Rumbleverse is simply to avoid being hit, therefore learning how to dodge and bailout is probably the most crucial skill. By simultaneously pushing both triggers, dodging can be used to avoid almost all moves if done correctly and at the right moment. Performing a dodge may be done both on the ground and in the air, so if you anticipate an attack, get ready to do so.

In addition to standard dodging, Rumbleverse has a feature called Bail Out that enables players to put some distance between themselves and their opponent. You can conduct a dodge to escape danger during a combination or even following a missed attack. It takes more stamina to dodge an attack that is whiffed, but it might be worthwhile to do so to avoid suffering significant damage.

Activating Super Move

You can use your Super Move when you are almost downed, in addition to finishing off enemies. A ‘Comeback’ will help you if your health is all gone while your Super Meter is active. This regenerates your health gradually and enables you to continue battling.

rumbleverseGameplay 1

Store Items for Later

Players can pick up things like chicken, which can cure you, or energy drinks, which, for a brief period of time, speed up stamina recovery. Even simple weapons like bats, boards, and steel chairs are available.

When these things are picked up, players will hold them in their hands, but pushing a direction on the d-pad will store the item in your inventory for later usage. You only need to hit the same button on the D-pad to re-equip that item that was previously stored. This is crucial in terms of being ready for the late-stage part of Rumbleverse since, if you’re one of the final players standing, you’ll need all the health, stamina, and weaponry you can find.

Wake Up / Revive Options

Being knocked to the ground may seem like the worst possible situation in Rumbleverse, but since it’s difficult to deliver additional damage to an opponent who is on the ground, you have time to catch your breath while lying there.


The most basic choices are to block, strike, or launch a deadly assault. By blocking, you can emerge from a blow already shielded, giving you time, if necessary, to launch a counterattack.

The wake-up dodging distinguishes itself from the others. You can dodge in any direction by hitting dodge while on the ground, but you can also dodge twice before hitting a strike or Vicious attack and still hit the back fist or low blow, respectively. In order to establish some space between you and your opponent or to rush them down for a deadly surprise strike, dodging while your opponent is down is an excellent strategy to manage the distance.

Superstar Mode

You’ll fill up your Superstar Meter as you engage in combat and gather stars all across the globe. Activate the Superstar Mode when it’s full, which will surround you with an unblockable explosion. You get faster stamina regeneration, health regeneration, attack damage, movement speed, and leap height while in Superstar Mode. Your Superstar Meter will drain while the mode is active, and the mode will cease if the metre runs out.


The strongest move in the entire game, the Super Attack, may also be used to finish Superstar Mode. To initiate a Super Strike while in Superstar Mode, land a Vicious attack. This will cause you to launch your opponent into the air before leaping to your feet and slamming them back to the ground.

This concludes our guide to help you understand and get better at the game.

Rumbleverse is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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