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How to get the Berserker Armor in God of War Ragnarok

We all know that God of war Ragnarok never ceases to amaze its players, be it the storyline or easter eggs like the infamous secret ending, This time it’s different, and one you might be surprised to know. We know how epic the in-game weapons and armour are and this only gets better as the game also has an armour called the berserker armour.

This is not just any armour with many limitations, but a rather special one. It has the ability to work for all strategies regardless of any kind of attack or defence move. But this comes with a price and a challenge as the armour is in possession of the Berserkers who are known for their strength and are therefore not easy to beat.

berserker armor

The armour can be obtained in sections or pieces all over the map in specific regions. For that, you need to visit those places and hope that the reward you get there has the piece and also gives you a chance to fight the berserkers in the process. The feat is not easy but it’s 100 per cent worthwhile considering the price afterwards. Here is how to get the berserker armour in the god of war Ragnarok.

where are the pieces of the berserker armour and how to get them all

To start off, there are three pieces that you have to obtain from three different locations to complete the set, make sure to follow this order as the fight in getting each of these pieces is pretty tough, and going about this order will make it easy for you.

1. Berserker Cuirass

berserker armor

This piece is found when you complete the Berserker Gravestone in the Barrens, Alfheim. This piece is the armour that is central to all other stats and can grand the Soul-less Warrier perk. This perk momentarily increases Krato’s melee attack damage stat but also increases the received damage stat.

2. Berserker gaunlets

berserker armor

This piece is found only after you have completed the berserker gravestone in the mist fields, Niflheim. This piece is a strength-focused armour that buffs up other stats and can grant the soul-less assault perk. This perk after using a relic grants an ability that reduces the chance of damaging soul explosion while giving hits on enemies all while restoring some of the cooldown time of the exhausted relic.

3. Berserker waist guard

berserker armor

The last piece is found by completing the berserker gravestone in the lake of nine, Midgard. This piece is a defence armour that adds a boost to existing stats and adds something called the soul-less rebuke perk. This perk reduces your chance of taking any damage, blocking, or parrying to have a good possibility to trigger a damaging soul explosion while also restoring a part of the skill cooldown of the used relic.


Make sure to upgrade the berserker armour you just got and boost its stats, and power level to overpower the boss fights thus making it easier and less demanding for you.

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