Top 4 Best Bounty Hunters in Summoners War: Sky Arena

About summoners war: Sky arena

Sky summoners war: Sky Arena has tonnes of monsters with each of them being unique in their abilities and performance and other stats, What we are really interested here in are the bounty hunters which are a specific species that are known to strive in certain areas which involves the need of ranged attackers.

With that said every hunter holds dramatically different stats and skills and requires some practice to really understand them and use them in the best way possible. Keeping this in mind, this article will focus on filling your inquisitiveness about the best bounty hunters in summoners war: sky arena.


1. Randy

Randy is the fire bounty hunter and is the best you can get in summoners war: sky arena. Though his attack stat may be low but don’t be fooled as this hunter is loaded with HP allowing him to withstand several attacks. The best feature of this bounty hunter is his overpowered Ready to Snipe skill which provides an increase to their critical Rate and defense for three consecutive turns. Randy also uses Wayne’s Chain of Fire for himself. This is a character who is basically an all-rounder in any situation.

2. Jamie

Jamie the bounty hunter holds the highest attack stat of the bunch and is also popular for his debuff skills which remove all harmful effects on allies and temporarily increase their attack power. This power has a cooldown of five turns, although it can be improved by a good margin just by leveling up the character to bring it to just three turns . Although the HP stat is his weakest which makes him very vulnerable to any attack, the use of Violent runes here is a must if you want him to survive longer in fights.

3. roger

Roger is a wind bounty hunter who is essentially the go-to character when it comes to facing numerous enemies at once thanks to his 4 shoot arrow skill which can shoot 4 arrows at a time in different directions thus killing multiple birds with one stone with damage dealt of 250 percent. This is a big deal as this bump is even greater than most other enemies and monsters!

4. walkers

Walkers is a light-type bounty hunter and is a familiar monster seen in guild battles. He uses the arrow of purification move is most spammed by the users as it fully resets the enemy’s skill cooldown time. Walker is pretty solid as a lead, adding 23 percent to the attacking speed of all who bear the elemental type. For ensuring that these effects actually work, you will have to boost its lackluster accuracy by using runes.

to conclude

summoners war sky arena
Img src: Malavida

There are many other Bounty hunters which you can acquire and play with, but the above-mentioned are one of the best you can get in summoners war: sky arena. Either way, it mostly depends on the type of skills you would need in your character to make it the best or not. It is purely subjective and the preference can vary from person to person.

Check out the game here – and give these bounty hunters a try yourself!

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