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Best Claw Settings PUBG New State With Layout ID/ Code

Best Claw Settings PUBG New State With Layout ID Code

In this guide, we will talk about how you can set the Best Claw Settings, PUBG New State With Layout ID. With Layout ID, you can easily copy the settings without wasting time while copying each setting one by one.

Claw gaming is a very popular term in mobile first-person shooter gaming category. You will see most players using this setting and to get better grip and handle each buttons easily, and it also helps in navigating the device while using gyroscope.

Players that play BGMI, PUBG Mobile, Apex Mobile or PUBG New State use these controls and settings. These settings help them improve their gameplay and dominate enemies, get their victory in the respective battle royal game.

Best 3 Finger Claw Code/ Settings PUBG New State

Below given is the ID for the claw settings mentioned above. You can easily copy and paste these settings and get these controls in your account. These settings are easy to use, and you can also set it easily.

layout 1 UI-68608852-b0ed-45f6-ba6e-00c9df654965
layout 2 UI-e81ebeb7-451c-4f45-9ac7-ea

Best 4 Finger Claw Code/ Settings PUBG New State

For all the 4 finger claw players, find below the best claw settings for PUBG New State. Use this code to set the controls in your game and enjoy the best 4 finger claw experience on your device.

layout 1UI-b75eee9f-448d-47be-94f5-86a31be86ace
layout 2UI-15b43c7d-9656-4334-a894-f79c3d755a21
layout 3UI-15b43c7d-9656-4334-a894-f79c3d755a21
layout 4UI-cc824580-5bc1-44ac-b27b-625a138836b0

Furthermore, you can modify these settings with respect to your device size and preference. These settings are designed as such that you must not face any issue with customization and setting it up.

When ever you set controls, you must give these controls some time. This way, you can easily practice these controls and see if this works for you or not and or what types of changes needs to be done.

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