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Best Controller Settings in Ghostwire: Tokyo (Guide)

ghostwire tokyo guide

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-filled thrilling game, in which players are going to be challenged many times. So many aspects are going to be important for a player but eventually, if I just want to ruin some gamer’s mood, I can just ruin their controller setting.

During any challenging, open-world game in which the villains are roaming like the zombie apocalypse, controls play a lot big role in the game, even more than top skills.

If you are struggling with the Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Controller Settings, you are in the correct place. Here we are gonna tell you some special sort of setting combo, whether it’s a very personal choice and style you wanna follow.

Configuration of the controller

So here is the most common and popular configuration for the controller settings in the game Ghostwire: Tokyo. So let’s get started:

  • Vibration – On
  • Adaptive Triggers – On
  • Aim Assist – On
  • Invert Camera Axis X/Y Axis – Off
  • Camera Acceleration Speed – 85
  • Camera Deacceleration Speed – 80
  • Camera X-Axis Sensitvity – 65
  • Camera Y-Axis Sensitvity – 65
  • Camera Sensitvity (Aiming) – 65
  • Camera Sensitivty (Bow Drawn) – 65

Vibration, when kept on, gives a feeling of connecting with players every crucial move in the game. Aim assist may feel annoying to some people during intense situations, but they are mostly good to go with fights.

Camera Deaccelaration speed is something that may make you feel a little floaty when playing on default sensitivity.

But when it is kept as high as Acceleration speed, it fills up the plot, and the game is felt like a cool rollercoaster. Other sensitivities are good to go with and should be optimized as per the playing style and your suitability.

So that’s all from our side, we hope you understood the importance of these basic controller settings and you can now play with even more suitable sensitivities.

If you found some sensitivities that are mentioned above as a little nightmare for your playing style, just experiment with them in the initial game and find your best suitable settings.

Sayonara, hope to see you soon in another blog. Have a great day.

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