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Best Cyberpunk 2077 Mods: Improve Performance & Fix The Game

In this guide, we will talk about the best mods that will help you fix the game and various other game bugs. You can get these mods on NexusMods by simply googling the mod name and then download it.

CD Projekt has created and published Cyberpunk 2077, an action role-playing computer game. Players adopt the first-person perspective of V, a configurable mercenary with hacking and mechanical talents, as well as melee and ranged combat options.

Climate Change By Essenthy

This mod can be used to replace sunny weather with one of these available options : fog, pollution, toxic fog, clouds, overcast, rain. With this mod, you will see sunny weather very rarely or not at all. This mod changes don’t take effect in north side for unknown reason.

Features of this mod:

  1. Pollution: In the city you will get a brown polluted fog.
  2. Fog is simply a dense white fog.
  3. Rain is just simple rain.
  4. Toxic fog is a dense yellow/orange fog that is toxic.
  5. Overcast will make heavy, dense clouds cover everything.
  6. Clouds are a less dense variant of the overcast, with intermittent breaks in the sun.

Spicy Huds by Spicy2332

This mod is used to change the different color schemes of the game and make the game look even more cool than the default red, black theme which you usually see in the interface and other sections of the game.

The different color schemes are Flatlined, Blood dragon, Whiteout, and Ride the wave. With these schemes you can enjoy the game even more as the game can now be color schemed the way you want.

Draw Distance Boost by sjbox

With this mod, you can increase the draw distance just like other games which improves texture loading as now there won’t be random things spawning in front of you while you are playing the game.

Though, this mod is best suited for high spec devices. Players with normal devices can also use this, but they need to make sure if you experience any flickering or other things like invisible doors, try lowering the boost value.

Unlock Global Illumination Settings by srgamerio

With this mod you can easily change the settings like Increased FOV, Mouse sensitivity – Zoom sensitivity, Resolution scale limit. This way you can improve the performance of the game, and you will be able to have better mouse control.

FOVMin 50 – Max 150
FOV Slider Step1
Mouse sensitivityMaximum 50
Zoom sensitivityMaximum 5
All Resolution scalesMin 10 – Max 300

The Cyberbody Shop by BrotherPazzo

With this mod, you can equip various body modification that are equipped by the NPCs in the game. You can switch any or even all of your limbs for cyber parts and look like and have a total robot like feel.

You can even add the intense maelstroms gang wearing mods. Thus, you can out stand and look totally different and cool and with help of this mod.

Arasaka Appearance Updater by Admiral

With this mod, you can easily change the character with the simple GUI. This mod adds a GUI through which you can play with character sliders and features whenever and whatever you want.

Better Minimap by WillyJL & DemonRedW

With this mod, you can fix the minimap of the game and update it with a new and better one. It also has Zoom out options like Slight Zoom Out, Medium Zoom Out, Big Zoom Out Ultra Zoom Out. The features of this mod include:

  • Bigger Minimap
  • Transparent Minimap
  • No Minimap Border
  • Compass Only Mode
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