5 Best YuGiOh Master Duel Decks (Ranked Guide)

Konami’s latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Centric game Master Duel has gotten fans excited. But what’s causing a lot of confusion is the best decks in the game, because let’s face it, Yu-Gi-Oh is already pretty complicated as it is.

There are a plethora of different decks to build, with over 10,000 unique cards in-game. We have ranked the best decks for master duel so that you don’t have to waste time finding out what works the best out of all these options.

Eldlich Stun

The first one on the list is the Eldlich Stun deck. If you’re reasonably new to the world of Yu-Gi-Oh, this one should be for you, as it is pretty simple, and does not have any complex multi-card combos. It just enables you to protect your field and disrupt your opponent’s moves as it is also backed up with certain trap cards.

Main Deck

  • 3x Eldlich the Golden Lord
  • 3x Pot of Prosperity
  • 2x Cursed Eldland
  • 2x Eldlixir of Black Awakening
  • 1x Eldlixir of White Destiny
  • 3x Pot of Extravagence
  • 3x Eldlixir of Scarlet Sanguine
  • 2x Golden Land Forever!
  • 2x Hauquero of the Golden Land
  • 3x Conquistador of the Golden Land
  • 3x  Skill Drain
  • 3x Solemn Judgement
  • 3x Gozen Match
  • 2x There Can Be Only One
  • 1x Imperial Order
  • 1x Vanity’s Emptiness
  • Seasonal Direction of the Zodiac Beasts x3
  • Solemn Warning x1
  • Solemn Strike x2
  • Drowning Mirror Force x1

Zoodiac Beast (Pure)

This may be one of the best decks in the game right now. This deck in its pure version is fairly easy to play, and is really good at the same time. From threatening your opponent with Boarbow to board wiping monsters like Zeus, this card is effective in all situations.

  • Zoodiac Thoroughblade x3
  • Zoodiac Viper x3
  • Zoodiac Rabbina x1
  • Zoodiac Molmorat x3
  • Speedroid Terrortop x3
  • Speedroid Taketomborg x1
  • Coach Captain Bearman x1
  • Maxx “C” x2
  • Fire Formation – Tensu x2
  • Fire Formation – Tenki x3
  • Cattle Call x1
  • Twin Twister x2
  • Zodiac Sign x2
  • Zoodiac Barrage x3
  • Xyz Gift x1
  • Pot of Desires x1


The Drytron deck is great for ritual plays and makes summoning ritual monsters easier. The ritual monster of choice in this deck is Herald of Ultimateness which negates multiple advances from the opponent. This deck is also one of the best in the game when going first.

Main Deck

  • 1x Herald of Ultimateness
  • 3x Cyber Angel Benten
  • 1x Cyber Angel Natasha
  • 1x Drytron Gamma Eltanin
  • 3x Drytron Alpha Thuban
  • 3x Drytron Zeta Aldhibah
  • 1x Drytron Delta Altais
  • 3x Diviner of the Herald
  • 2x Eva
  • 3x Herald of Orange Light
  • 3x Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
  • 2x Maxx “C”
  • 1x Foolish Burial
  • 1x Crossout Designator
  • 2x Called by the Grave
  • 3x Drytron Nova
  • 3x Cyber Emergency
  • 2x Pot of Prosperity
  • 1x Preperation of Rites
  • 1x Meteonis Drytron
  • 2x Infinite Impermanence

Sky Striker

If you like to control the pace of play and interact with the opponent, this stunning deck is for you. Instead of traps, this deck utilizes multiple spells to make your opponents be at a disadvantage and slowly feel the game running out of their hands

  • 3x  Sky Striker Ace – Raye
  • 1x Sky Striker Ace – Roze
  • 3x Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
  • 3x Maxx “C”
  • 3x Effect Veiler
  • 1x Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion
  • 2x Sky Striker Mecha Modules – Multirole
  • 2x Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage!
  • 2x Sky Striker Mecha – Widow Anchor
  • 2x Sky Striker Maneuver – Afterburners!
  • 2x Sky Striker Mecha – Shark Cannon
  • 1x Sky Striker Airspace – Area Zero
  • 1x Sky Striker Mecha – Eagle Booster
  • 1x Sky Striker Maneuver – Jamming Waves!
  • 1x Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones
  • 3x Pot of Desires
  • 2x Called by the Grave
  • 1x Forbidden Droplets
  • 1x Reinforcement of the Army
  • 1x Terraforming
  • 1x Harpies Feather Duster
  • 1x Pot of Avarice
  • 2x Infinite Impermananc


The Bird Up Deck is a mix of the Lyrulisc and Tri-Brigade archetypes. It’s especially great for defeating opponent monsters when used correctly. When going first. this can be used to cause multiple annoying distractions for your opponent to try and tackle.

  • 3x Lyrilusc – Turquoise Warbler
  • 2x Lyrilusc – Cobalt Sparrow
  • 2x Lyrilusc – Beryl Canary
  • 2x Lyrilusc – Sapphire Swallow
  • 3x Tri-Brigade Fraktall
  • 2x Tri-Brigade Kitt
  • 2x Tri-Brigade Nerval
  • 1x Mist Valley Apx Avian
  • 1x Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds
  • 3x Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
  • 3x Maxx “C”
  • 3x Lyrilusc – Bird Call
  • 1x Tri-Brigade Rendezvous
  • 1x Lightning Storm
  • 2x Fire Formation – Tenki
  • 2x Called by the Grave
  • 1x Foolish Burial
  • 1x One for One
  • 1x Harpie’s Feather Duster
  • 1x Tri-Brigade Revolt

So those are all for the Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel cards, in our opinion. Since the game is in its infancy, we’re sure to have missed some. With the ever-changing meta of these games, one can never be too sure which genuinely is the best.

We will keep this list updated with the best possible decks as the game grows. Nevertheless, this guide will come in handy whenever you choose a deck for a quick match. Happy dueling!

Written by
Aditya Mukherjee

Aditya is an ardent PC gamer, game developer and content writer. He covers the upcoming AAA games ranging from multiplayer shooters to story based campaigns. You can always depend on him for the latest on the greatest and the best recommendations that you can get.


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