The Best Discord Quotes Bot For Daily Motivational Quotes


Discord is one of the most popular digital platforms right now and one of the major reasons it is so big is the convenience it provides to its users. Anyone who has ever used Discord knows that you can add certain bots to perform various different functions on a server.

Today we will tell you some of the best Discord bots for your daily motivational quotes and from where you can add them to your server.

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What Are Quote Bots?

Quote, bots are basically an extension for your server on Discord that you use to receive random motivational quotes on the server daily. Many people use these bots to get their day started with positive motivational quotes popping up in their notifications feed. These bots can provide a great mental boost to start the day and we highly recommend that you try these bots on your own server.

Best Quote Bots

Given below are the best bots that you can use for motivational quotes.

Daily Quotes Bot

daily quotes

This is one of the most used quote bots and for good reason, you can set the time at which you receive the motivational quote on your server and the bot will send a randomly picked quote from more than 15,000 quotes so you won’t be seeing the same quotes anytime soon. You can add this bot to your server through the site, just choose the daily quotes bot and log in to your discord. You will need certain authority to add bots to the server so make sure you have that access.



If you love anime then this bot might suit you better as the motivational quotes you get from this bot are from different anime. You also get a few fun minigames that you can play with your friends to pass time. Other than that this bot is very similar to the Daily Quotes Bot however the pool of quotes here is fewer compared to Daily Quotes so the chances of seeing the same quote are more.

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