CSGO: 11 Best Smoke Spots For Dust 2 (2022 Updated)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, commonly referred to as CSGO is one of the most famous games in the World. It averages way over 500,000 players at any point of time peaking up-to a million.

But even if you don’t play CSGO or are just getting into the game, the first picture that comes to mind hearing the game’s name is that of Dust 2. Dust/Dust 2 is one of the oldest maps in Counter Strike and thus, has the most efficient set of smokes made by various different players.

Today, let’s discuss some of these Dust 2 smokes spots 2022 that are fairly easy to do and can be really useful in getting an advantage over your opponents in a game.

Dust 2 Smoke spots: Attack side

A-Site Long Corner Smoke

Long corner smoke is one of the most important smokes on A site as an attacker. Playing A site aggressively and trying to get a kill is a very common playstyle in Dust 2. This smoke prevents enemy from doing that. There are tons of line-ups available for this smoke but you can also just smoke it from double doors as well.

A-Site Long Corner Smoke

A-Site Long Cross Smoke

One of the most dangerous areas to cross as Attackers on A site is the Long Cross. This dust 2 smoke spot helps you get through the area with much more ease because it smokes both CT spawn and catwalk. The only downside to this smoke is that it requires 2 smoke nades to cover the whole area so it requires some teamwork.

A-Site long cross smoke

B-Site Doors Smoke

Once you’ve entered B-Site as attackers, it is essential to stall rotations from Mid and A-site from defenders. This doors smoke prevents people from rotating over and pressuring B-site too fast. Ofcourse, some people will just push through the smoke but you should still have an advantage over them.

B-Site doors smoke

B-Site Window Smoke

Window is the little gap above the planting area on B. It can be aggressively peaked by Defenders when they hear the plant sound and get a kill. This smoke prevents that from happening. With coordination, this smoke can be used together with the doors smoke to completely stall the defender rotation.

B-Site windows smoke

B-Site Platform Smoke

Platform on B-Site is one of the most popular AWP angles on Dust 2. This smoke completely covers the platform and forces the AWP-er to either switch places where it’ll be a harder angle for them or just completely rotate. This spot also has a ton of line-ups.

B-Site platform smoke

Xbox Smoke

When we’re talking about dust 2 smoke spots, there is no way we miss the Xbox smoke. Mid double doors is another one of the most popular AWP angles on dust 2. This smoke covers that angle and grants safe passage for attackers through tunnels or catwalk. Attackers have to be careful of aggressive pushes through the smoke or through catwalk.

Xbox smoke

Left Mid Smoke

This is more of a hybrid smoke spot as it can cover the left mid angle for anyone camping/lurking there and grants safe passage for players to rotate from mid to A. Again, there might be people who push through the smoke if they hear your footsteps going towards A so be mindful of that.

Left-mid smoke

CT Spawn Smoke

This dust 2 smoke spot is the exact opposite of the left mid smoke. In this one, players can smoke of CT spawn to cover the A-long and CT Spawn angle and safely rotate from mid to B. Mind the aggressive pushers though.

CT spawn smoke

Dust 2 Smoke Spots: Defense side

A-Site double Door Smoke

For people who like to play aggressive on A-Site as defenders, this smoke is very useful. Players can push through long and smoke double doors to prevent/stall any aggressive pushes from that area. Even if Attackers try to push through it together, defenders will have an advantage over them.

A-Site double door smoke

A-Site Catwalk Smoke

If someone is holding mid on defender side, it is pretty easy to tell when attackers are pushing through catwalk. This smoke can be used to completely block off catwalk and stall the attackers while your teammates rotate to help you out or flank the enemy.

A-site catwalk smoke

B-Site Tunnel Smoke

The only way for attackers to get into B-Site except for mid is through tunnels. If B-Site defender senses an aggressive push through tunnels, it can be smoked off and stall the attackers while your team rotates. This smoke is also used by attackers sometimes to get rid of the Molly thrown by defenders in tunnel.

B-site tunnel smoke

While all these smoke spots are fairly easy to smoke up-front, there are also numerous lineups for each one of them where you can smoke them without ever revealing your location. This takes time to practice and a lot of patience. That’s all the essential Dust 2 smoke spots that will help you get an advantage over your enemies.

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