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Overwatch 2 Best Graphics Settings Guide

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One of the most important things to note in any First-Person Shooter game like Overwatch 2, is the optimal settings to play on. While it’s great to play the game on maximum settings in everything if you have an absolute beast for a PC, for most of the people out there, it wouldn’t be possible. So, in this article, we will highlight the best Overwatch 2 settings where you can immerse yourself in the game while also having a lag-free experience.

Best Overwatch 2 Settings

overwatch 2 settings
Overwatch Settings – Screenshot from ICED

For starters, head over to the settings menu and the Video Settings. While the other settings can be changed according to your preference, this will be the main setting that we will be focusing on today. Once you’re there, just change all the settings as below.

Setting NameOptimal Setting
Display ModeFullscreen
Target DisplayBest Match
Resolution1920 x 1080(200) This can be changed according to your screen’s resolution
Field of View103
Aspect Ratio16:9
Triple BufferingOFF
Reduce BufferingOFF
Display Performance StatsON
Nvidia ReflexDisabled
Display System ClockON
Limit FPSCustom
Frame Rate CapThis setting depends on what works best for you.
Graphics QualityLow
Render Scale75%
High-Quality UpsamplingAMD FSR 1.0
Image Sharpening0.00
Texture QualityLow
Texture Filtering QualityLow – 1x
Local Fog DetailLow
Dynamic Reflections, Shadow Detail, AntiAlias Quality, Ambient OcclusionOFF
Model Detail, Effects Detail, Lighting Quality, Refraction QualityLOW
Local ReflectionsOFF
Damage FXDefault
Gamma Correction2.20
Video Settings – Overwatch 2

These are the best settings for Overwatch 2 as far as the Video settings are concerned. The audio settings depend on the headset you’re using and it’s also a personal preference. As for the Controls, again, those are personal preferences. While the default settings for Overwatch 2 are good enough, they can be tinkered with to get the best Overwatch 2 settings.

In the gameplay settings, the HUD options and sounds can be turned off so they’re less distracting. That will do for the best Overwatch 2 settings. Hope this article was helpful.

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