Best Hiding Spots in Roblox Prop Hunt & How to Play (2022)

Roblox Prop Hunt is the Lego version of Prop Hunt that was inherently made popular by GMOD. A lot of games have had their own version of Prop Hunt like Genshin Impact etc. Some of them even have it as a permanent mode in their game.

Roblox Prop Hunt is a new game that has been developed by Here’s how to play the game and the best hiding spots for Roblox Prop Hunt.

How to Play Roblox Prop Hunt

Roblox Prop Hunt is a Hide and Seek game where you either act as a prop or a seeker. First of all, to get into a game, go straight to the two dancing guys in front as soon as you load in and you can queue for a game there.

Once you’re in the game, you’ll be greeted by a cool parkour mini-game that is there to keep players busy while the lobby waits for everyone to load in. You will see a timer and once that reaches zero, the game will start and you will be disguised as a prop or will have another time if you’re a hunter which is basically the time given for props to hide.

As a prop, you can change into any object on the map by going near it and holding the left mouse button. It is recommended to disguise yourself as smaller props so you’re harder to find and another tip is to hide in a background where your prop would normally be.

As a hunter, you just need to have good observation. If you see anything move, even an inch, shoot at it. Make true use of the saying “If it moves, it goes”. You can also just brute force and shoot everything. Once you get found as a prop, or fall of the edge because you can do that in this game, you will be converted into a seeker as well and you can try to find the rest of the props.

Now that we’ve explained the basics of the game, let’s get into some of the best hiding spots for Roblox Prop Hunt.

Best Hiding Spots for Roblox Prop Hunt

There are a bunch of best hiding spots for Roblox Prop Hunt that are intended and some of them are glitched but are still the best hiding spots for Roblox Prop Hunt nonetheless. So, let’s get right into it and discuss the said spots.

  • For the first spot, it is actually near the spawn. There is a courtyard with a bunch of tall grass. Some of these grasses are bugged and you can actually hide inside of them and completely be invisible if you’re a small prop.
Best Hiding Spots for Roblox Prop Hunt
Screenshot from BeefPlayZz
  • For the next one, find a blue hose and enter it. All you have to do here is climb the first set of stairs and once you’re at the top, look right above you. You will see some brown plank sticking out. You can actually climb on them and hide there and probably no one will find you.
  • Near the shore, there is a little restaurant area with outdoor seating and there’s a van near it. You can be a small prop and hide inside this but, what’s even better than this is that there is a rock at the side of this shore where you can go under the restaurant and there’s no way anyone is finding you here, making it one of the best hiding spots for Roblox Prop Hunt.
Screenshot from BeefPlaysZz

That will do for the best hiding spots for Roblox Prop Hunt and how to play, hope this article was helpful.

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