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Best Maps in Kovaack’s Aim Trainer for Fortnite

KovaaK a former Quake pro, studied players and their decisions which lead to the development of Kovaak’s Aim Trainer. This Aim Trainer consists of flicking, tracking, accuracy tracker, and many more modes to improve your aim.

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royal developed by Epic Games. There are a hundred players that try to survive the storm and be the last one standing among the 100 players. This game features game modes like Fortnite: Save The World, Fortnite Battle Royal, Fortnite Creative – a sandbox game mode.

Here we are going to learn various maps in KovaaK Aim Trainer that help you get better aim, better tracking abilities, improved flicking, and more.

KovaaK’s Best Aim Maps For Fortnite

Here are our best picks of maps that will help you in your Fortnite gaming skills development:

Close Range Strafes


Here are some key points for this map:

In this map, you need to set your mouse sensitivity with respect to whether you are using ADS or not. Refer to the previous article for more knowledge on this topic. Here in this map you just move your mouse left and right and try to keep your crosshair on the target.

1wall6tragets TE


In this map, you will use your hipfire sensitivity that is your in-game sensitivity. There are 6 targets on your screen. Try to shoot as many targets before the time runs out with high speed and accuracy. This improves your flicking ability for guns like shotguns and snipers.



In this map, you move your mouse in the X and Y direction and try to keep your crosshair on the target. This helps in tracking your enemy in long and close-range attacks so that you hit your shots with accuracy.

Tile Frenzy – Strafing – 01


In reality, the enemy keeps moving while shooting. This map helps in tracking and shooting moving targets. This improves your aim on close-range targets so that you have better-shot accuracy on moving targets.

Long Vertical Guides


In Fortnite players can move to long distances very easily. This map helps you track this motion easily and so that you can hit your target more easily. Just keep moving your mouse vertically and keeping crosshair on the target.

1 wall 1 target


Winning a 1v1 fight is very important in crucial moments. In this map, there is 1 target pop up you have to shot that target. This target keeps moving so you have to use all your skills learned on other maps in this map.


These are the best maps/drills which you can use in Kovaak to improve your aim and dominate your enemy. In order to get a full detailed report of these drills check out Aimer7 Guide and you can also check the youtube video for information.

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