Best Minecraft seeds for SpeedRunning in 2022 (Guide)

Minecraft is one of the famous globally played block-based open world strategic and a creative rpg. This game was released in the year 2009 as an initial version: Minecraft Classic (presently known) but it was fully released in the year 2011. So, moving onto the term ‘Speedrunning’ which refers to an attempt to beat the game as fast as possible.

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On any version of this game, speedrunning can be done. The players should keep in mind that there are varieties of seeds, and it changes with versions, so they should select the seeds right for them. A ruined portal, a village spawn, and other such pros could help the players in beating the game as fast as possible. Well, if you are interested in speedrunning and making your own personal record, try the following seeds:

Some Of The Best Seeds For Speedrunning

12-eyed portal

Spawns you near a 12-eyed portal and depends upon how you can gear yourself up to beat the Ender Dragon quickly.

12_eyed portal Minecraft image
12-eyed portal

Villages & Desert Temple

It is only available in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This seed spawns you near desert temple with plenty of resources to help you.

Village AND desert Temple Minecraft image
Village & Desert Temple

Savannah Biome

The biome seed spawns you close to a desert biome . Early access to the nether portal & blacksmith makes it more easier to get faster personal record in speedrunning.

Savannah Biome Minecraft image
Savannah Biome

Village Spawn

To let you begin with a solid set of resources, this seed is nice for you. Here, you spawn near a village & a chest, which requires some bread, three diamond pieces & six pieces of obsidian to grab the resources.

Village Spawn Minecraft image
Village Spawn

World Record

The World record seed is a bit tougher than other seeds. In this seed, you are able to find yourself the three blacksmith and if you have strategized everything correctly, then you would be able to achieve the best speedrun record.

World Record Minecraft image
World Record

I hope that the explanation was helpful. Enjoy the speedrunning!

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