Best Moveset for Thundurus Therian  in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is an Augmented Reality(AR) game that was released back in 2016. When it was first released, the game took the World by surprise. There has hardly ever been a game that got so much popularity that fast. In this game, you can walk to places in real life and catch Pokemon. There are also real-life gyms where you can fight other players and capture the gyms.

Of course, all of this is in the game which is commendable considering the pioneering technology used for it. Thundurus is one of the Legendary Electric and Flying-type Pokemon in the game and it has two forms, incarnate and Therian. In this article, we will discuss the best moveset for Thundurus in both of these forms.

Best Moveset for Thundurus – Incarnate

Best moveset for Thundurus
Best moveset for Thundurus

Incarnate for Thundurus is the older version of it. Last year, the game launched the Therian version of the pokemon which is arguably the better choice. But, in case you’re planning to build your Incarnate version for battles in the gym, here’s the best moveset for Thundurus Incarnate.

Thundurus Incarnate has a set of six abilities including both quick and charge moves. The quick moves are Thunder Shock and Astonish while the charge moves are Thunder Punch, Thunder, Brick Break, and Crunch.

While a lot of these abilities sound cool, when it comes to choosing an ability from the quick moves, the choice is always Thunder Shock. It is a better ability compared to Astonish and it can be combined easily with the same type of attacks in the charge moves as well. There is no debate when it comes to selecting the quick move for the best moveset for Thundurus.

Now, for charge moves, the primary move is recommended to be Thunder Punch. You would want to keep fast-hitting abilities with Incarnate instead of the slow, hard-hitting ones. As for a secondary charge move, players have a choice between Thunder and Crunch.

Thunder can provide synergy with the other abilities and make the pokemon entirely electric-type. And this is exactly why some of you might want to go for Crunch instead. It’s not always the best idea to make Thundurus completely electric-type.

So, the best moveset for Thundurus Incarnate is Thunder Shock for the quick move and Thunder Punch and Thunder/Crunch for the charge moves.

Best Moveset for Thundurus – Therian

Therian Thundurus is the newer version of the Pokemon and is usually preferred over the Incarnate version. So, if you’re here to look for the best moveset for Therian Thundurus, we’ve got you.

Therian Thundurus also comprises 6 different abilities. The two quick moves are Bite and Volt Switch while the charge moves are Thunder, Thunderbolt, Sludge Wave, and Focus Blast. With this wide variety of juicy abilities, here are the best ones for the passionate Pokemon GO gamers out there.

Similar to the Incarnate Thundurus, when it comes to the fast movement of this pokemon, you always want to go with Volt Switch. This move can be combined with other moves from the charge moves and it always performs better than Bite in every single scenario. So, there is really no choice in this one.

When it comes to the charge moves, Thunderbolt is the best choice for the primary charge move. This can work in synergy with Volt Switch and provide you with a lot of damage. For the secondary charge move, again, players have two choices. Either you can decide to make the pokemon completely Electric-type and go for Thunder which is a decent build on Thundurus Therian, or you can go with Focus Blast to switch it up. You will be able to use Focus Blast as much as Thunder so there’s no difference there.

So, for the best moveset for Thundurus Therian, go with Volt Switch for the fast move and Thunderbolt and Thunder/Focus Blast for the charge moves.

That will do for the best moveset for Thundurus. Hope this article was helpful.

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