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Top 10 Best Roblox Battle Royale Games to Play in 2021

Roblox – An amazing Online Multiplayer games platform where you can play plenty of games, which has a large user base, more than 1.5 million Players playing Roblox right now.

Battle Royale games are very demanding nowdays, if you do not know what battle Royale is, this post might not help you, but as a short – Battle Royale games is a genre which means last man stand wins.

In Battle Royale Some limited number of Players leaved on island or large area, engaged with other players, the last man which remains undie and survived until the time ends wins the game.

Best Roblox Battle Royale Games

These are the best Battle Royale games in Roblox, here we are providing you guys some sorted Top 10 Best battle Royales that we believe to be exist on our list.

These games are accessible on every devices such as – PC, Android, Ios, Xbox so that you can get all the roblox games easily on your device.

There are total 4 Modes in Battle Royale games that are –

  • Last one standing
  • Solo Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free Roam

Battle Royale Simulator

The first game in our list is Battle Royal Simulator. Which is clear by its name it is a complete battle royale, Shooting game where you have to Eliminate other players by killing them and collecting their loots.

With more than 2.6M plays, this game is in our list. This game let you simulate and control the battle royale game, find some chests and loots to win and survive in this game.

Alone Battle Royale

The Second is Alone Battle Royale, which is a huge map battle royale game in which the Battle up to 64 Players at a time in a match and the rules are same the one who kills and survive wins the match.

The Unique feature of this game is it gives you lots of free rewards, free items and Customization options to the player. which makes the game fresh and unique.

Island Battle Royale

Island Battle Royale is one of the best games here in the list, which allows up to 200 Players on a beautiful island in a match and the last one who survives wins the match.

This is the most famous games some of you might have already playing, same like Fortnite. Get weapons, resources and build walls as a defence or to kill the others.

Prison Royale

Prison Royale is an amazing, fun FPS (First Person shooter) battle Royale game where the main focus is to escape the prison by collecting various resources such as – Gears, weapons and many hidden items.

This game is very famous and addictive, which has been played by more than 74 Million players. This game is similar to PUBG, so if you are a PUBG Player this game is definitely for you.


Again Strucid is the Battle royale which is same as Fortnite, where you need to gather resources, woods and make different types of walls such as – Floor, Ramp, Pyramid etc

Players have to Kill all the other players and survive in the end zone which will make you win the game. This game has also big user base from fortnite, which are actively playing this game.


Polygun is a unique Shooter battle royale game, where the only goal is to fight, save your base and survive at the last to be the winner of this game.

This game is really different by its looks, the player looks like wearing a shady war costume, giving you proper TPS (Third person shooter) game experience.

Blackhawk Rescue mission 5

Blackhawk Rescue mission 5 is a bold, Third person shooter Battle royale. The location mostly in the game is a desert town, which is controlled by the enemies.

When you reach there, you will have battle with the terrorists, The idea behind this game is slirghtly different from other games. Here you have to kill all the enemies on ground or in the military vehicles, but avoid killing on the roof or you can lose your cash.

The Plane will drop ammo,medkits on the main building where you are standing. So make sure you try this really unque game.

Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest is an another First person Shooter game, where the main weapon you have is the melee weapons on hand with gas closing in there. To Play this game you must be more than 18 years old, otherwise you cannot play it.

Max upto 12 players drop on the ground and the main goal of this game is to kill the other players around you with melee weapons such as knife, Building traps, the last one to survive the ground wins the match.

Super Doomspire

Super Doomspire is upgraded version of Classic Brickbattle-Doomspire which had added many great features which were lacking in the classic version.

The game has many different modes, Cool skins, and Maps. There are total 4 types of towers which are differed by colors – Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red. The main goal of this game is to destroy other towers.

Big Paintball

Big Paintball is a fun to play, first person shooter game which is really fun to play and you have to shoot the enemy with paint balls, just like real paintball game.

Cover the enemies with the paint balls and get able to unlock new weapons with different aim and fire speed parameters. This game has many types of weapons, more than 16 types including snipers.

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