Best Saints Row 2022 Mods Ideas to Release (Must Install)

Best Saints Row 2022 Mods Ideas to Release Must Install

Saints Row 2022 is the reboot of the popular Saints Row series with new generation graphics and game design but with the original aesthetics and gameplay keeping the game close to its roots.

If you have played Saints Row in the past or have been following the game you might already know that the game has access to a lot of mods created by many different individuals and loved by the community of Saints Row.

Saint Rows mod 1

With Saints Row 2022 all set to release on 23 August 2022. Here are some of the popular mods of the previous versions and a sneak peek at what you can expect in the future for mods for Saints Row 2022:

Rick and Morty Baseball Bat

This Mod is a retexture mod that replaced the American bat in the game with the bat you see in the popular cartoon series Rick and Morty. This might not sound that awesome but everyone loves a crossover so a Rick and Morty Bat isn’t a bad idea.

Saints Row Mod1

The Cabinet – White House Outfits for Homies

This mod is an outfit mod, The Cabinet Mod allows you to get instant access to suits. These suits will make you homies look like fancily dressed secret agents out there carrying out their missions. Every homie including women is compatible with the suits. These suits will make your homies look sharp and deadly!

Saints Row Mod2

Deadpool Outfit

Another outfit mod, but this one is special. This mod dresses up your character as Deadpool so now you can show how lunatic, insane and deadly acts and looks like. With how crazy things go in Saints Row, the Deadpool outfit matches the theme of the game and is a really fun addition to the already amazing mods.

Saints Row mod4

Iron Saints Armor

This mod gives your character armour that resembles that of Iron Man. You can think of it as the Saints Row version of the iron man who shoots down everything or anyone that stands in his way. Pretty cool right?

Saints row mod5

Just Get in the Damn Car

It is annoying when a homie is shot and you are trying to get him to access the car so that you can step on that gas and drive away from your enemies but your homie doesn’t quite get inside quickly. Well, this mod just does exactly what its name is, it allows the homies to enter the car without all the melodrama so that you can escape quickly. It is a very popular utility mod in the community but it cannot be used online.

Saints Row mod3

These were some mods that are popular in the Saints Row community. For more news, guides, tips and tricks make sure to follow FutureGaming.

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