Top 10 Best Easy Small Minecraft House Ideas For Built 2022

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Minecraft is the most popular and evergreen game in the whole gaming community. Its open world and randomness in each world are the most exciting thing about the game. And with continuous updates, the game is getting more interesting.

The game allows each player to play in creative, survival, and even adventure modes. The freedom of doing anything in the game is also the most attractive. And this includes the most basic thing of the game which is a small Minecraft house designs building.

And In this blog, we are gonna suggest to you some simple small Minecraft house ideas, some cute small houses minecraft that you can try in your survival or multiplayer game worlds.

10 Smallest House Ideas in Minecraft

If you are wondering, how to build a small cabin Minecraft or a nice small Minecraft house. Then you don’t need to worry about it, We have added some really amazing, small mc house ideas below –

Camping House

Small minecraft camping house
Smallest Camping House (source: Farzy)

Who does not like camping? And you are out exploring your world for a long period, it does not make sense that you make a whole building for yourself.

With the grace of God, Furzy (click here) has given us a good design for our small camping house. Do try it.

Door House

Smallest door house minecraft
Smallest Door House (source: MagmaMusen)

Have you lived behind doors ever? NO! I mean, have you ever lived only behind walls, which are doors, or I may say, you have many ways to exit your house. Do check out the tutorial of this cool house design of MagmaMusen.

Trapdoor House

Smallest one block high house minecraft 1
Smallest-Trapdoor House (source: tree)

Do you want a very little and compact house design that can fit your essentials, and does not come in legs so easily? Then it’s your deal, my friend. This small house design of Tree is compact underground and does not hit you when you walk into its walls. Do check it out on the youtube channel of Tree.

Modern House

Smallest modern house minecraft
Smallest Modern House (source: Random Steve Guy)

In the modern days, who does not like a modern looking house, in the middle of trees and meadow. White quartz and glass together, give a cool look to the house. And this compact house can be a good addon to your world. You can watch the whole tutorial of this house on the youtube channel of Random Steve Guy.

Smallest House

how to make smallest house in minecraft
Smallest House (Source: Confuz)

Sometimes, lazy people like to explore the world, and not store a lot of items. Do they just roam around and get what they need? But everyone needs a home. And this low cost and easy to build a home are good for such people. You can watch the tutorial of this build on the official youtube channel of Confuz.

Blue Copper Resident

Smallest prixmarine house minecraft
Smallest Prismarine House (Mumbo Jumbo)

Everyone knows that Mumbo Jumbo is a great seer in Minecraft. And his builds are also very epic. And this one build of a small and compact house is an updated version of his old smaller house build. Go and check out the build tutorial on the official channel of Mumbo Jumbo.

Thinnest House

Thinnest smallest minecraft house
Thinnest Minecraft House (Source: A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT)

This epic design will be a little cool and a more of the thinner one. But I mean, you can’t sleep in that very well. But to have a cool addon to your world, then it will be a great choice. But in the end, this is the coolest modern house, obviously in a compact size. You can watch the full tutorial on the official channel of A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT.

Survival House

Smallest survival house in minecraft
Smallest Survival House (Source: A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT)

Sometimes, the player is unable to find a good place for his house. And sadly, the player has to build a normal and fussy-looking box-like house. So for this instance, you can make a good-looking compact house. You can watch the complete tutorial on the official channel of A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT.

Stylish Compact House

Smallest stylish compact minecraft house
Stylish & Compact house (Source: csx42)

Everyone does not want a grand and multipurpose house. Some just want peace in their world and some may want to make their vacation house stylish and compact. Therefore, we have added this stylish house to our top 10 smallest houses list. This is designed by Csx42, and you can watch the full tutorial on their youtube channel.

No Wall house

smallest above ground minecraft house
In Air Smallest House (Source: Icecream)

Some people may want a watch tower-like house, which can give protection from mobs and as well as it does not stop the fresh air to come to you. And if you are such a person, then this design is for you. So do check it out on the official channel of Icecream. He has given the whole tutorial for your convenience.

So these are our top 10 small house designs in Minecraft. You can watch their official tutorial video by clicking on the names of the YouTube channel. So that is it for today guys, if you did like your selections, then you can tell us in the comment and give your valuable feedback.

Thank you…

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