3 Best Tsareena Builds For Master Rank – Pokémon Unite

In this guide, we will talk about a new addition to the game Pokemon Unite – Tsareena. She is a new addition, and here we will be learning the combinations and builds through which you can get master rank!

The recent changes and has gained a lot of momentum because of that. One of the changes includes the introduction of a character called Tsareena. She is really overpowered if used correctly, So we have added some of the builds that you can use to improve your gameplay. Let’s have a look at it.

Tsareena Overview

Tsareena is an all-rounder newcomer Pokémon and uses melee attacks to kick her enemies down. It has joined ranks in the Pokémon Unite and is ready to glide, stomp and kick its way to the top of the table.

Tsareena is a strong player with strengths that include Survivability mechanics, early evolutions, strong disabler and versatility. It also comes with some disadvantages, like it gets pretty weak against crowd control and is undoubtedly not as durable as other all-rounders.

Tsareena hit the arena on December 9, 2021, and was free till December 31 and available for 10000 coins.

Builds Overview (Brawler, Jungle, Initiator)

This character just pretty much excels in any lane and exceptionally well in the middle lane and fully evolves at level 6. Let’s have a look at types of builds.

Tsareena Brawler Build

Tsareena Brawler Build

This is considered a well-balanced build and focuses on Triple Axel, and Trop Kick moves. Triple Axel spins Tsareena three times in a chosen direction. She also uses a group of standard attacks. We can also try to play around Queenly Majesty’s reset and additional effects along with it.

Item effects (at level 30) get your attack at +15, Defense at +30, the special defence at +30 and attack speed at +7.50% with HP at +600.

Some held items that Tsareena uses at this level are Muscle Band which gives you enough strength to take down the targets. Focus Band and Buddy Barrier are two other compelling items that allow you to stay strong during the fight and avoid damage.
Eject Button is your default item, helping you escape enemies and initiate fights.

Tsareena Jungle Build

Tsareena Jungle Build

As we know, tsareena fully evolves at level 6, so putting her in the jungle is the easiest way to reach the spike. Like Brawler build, you can utilise attack speed from Triple Axel to take out targets with attacks. You can isolate targets using Glassy Glides and other standard ways.

Tsareena’s attack is +15, the critical hit rate is +6%, critical hit damage is +12%, and HP is +600.

Some held items at this build include Muscle Band and Scope Lens, which are your best offensive options. They give you enough damage to burst down the jungle camps and finish the targets. Buddy Barrier provides you with high HP with a great team fight.

Tsareena Initiator Build

Tsareena Initiator Build

This build has utility instead of damage, which provides greater crowd control for your team.

Your attack is at +18, and HP stands at +1050.

Some items at your hand are Attack Weight which increases your moves and should be stacked as soon as possible. Score Shield gives you HP and stacks attack weight. Buddy Barrier is a team fight tool and provides more survivability.

Tsareena’s best-held items. She can hold max up to three items and many good ones to choose from.

Tsareena’s Best Held Items

She can hold a max of three items, and we recommend you choose the ones which have strong durability and survivability to gain a lead in her fight. There are plenty of options one can choose from.

Item heldDescription
Buddy BarrierThis will give tsareena, her ally pokemon, a shield equal to 20/30/40% of their current HP.
Focus BandWhen she has low HP, it will recover up to 14% every second for three seconds.
Muscle BandWhen basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by 1/2/3%of the opposing pokemon’s remaining HP.
Weakness PolicyIncreases tsareena’s attack for a short period by a min of 2/2.5/3% when she receives damage.

Final Verdict

All in all, Tsareena is a good option for you if you want to become a master ranker, and by trying it, you can get quite a hang of the game if you are a new player. If you want daily updates on pokemon unite, you can subscribe to our notifications. I promise we won’t spam you 🙂

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