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Top 5 Best Ways To Fix Roblox Error Code 266 (2022) Easily

What causes error code 266 in Roblox?

Error Code 266, as far as we know this error occurs mostly when you try to play the game after it has not been touched for a while, this might cause severe lag from the servers. The other reason for error code 266 might be a bad internet connection. Not to worry anymore because we will guide you on how to fix it.

But before you begin please check the current status of the game’s server. You can do that by visiting their official server status page. Here’s the link . If the current status says it is down, the issue is from their side, wait for a while as they will resolve it. If the current status is operational but you get the error code 266 then please follow the below fixes one after the other until your issue resolves.

Here are some possible fixes for the error code 266 in Roblox :

Fix 1: Refresh/Reload

Simply reload the current page you are trying to access. This might help fix the error. You might have already performed this action, but if not please do. Try refreshing it a few times before you head to the next step.


Come on, it’s the golden rule, if you face any trouble, reboot it. Close the game completely and re-open it. If the problem persists, restart your entire system. This fix can most probably fix the error code 266.


Error code 266 might also occur due to a bad internet connection as we said earlier. Having a very slow internet connection can also cause this error. Here are some more steps you can follow:

  • Verify whether your current network connection is active or not.
  • Try turning off your router and turning it on again
  • Try connecting to a different network if possible.


Sometimes clearing the Roblox program’s cache can prevent the error code 266 from arising. You can clear its cache by following the below steps:

  • Press the windows key and R together [Win+R]. This will bring up the Run dialogue box.
  • Enter the command %temp%\Roblox. Once the folder opens, delete all the files. Don’t worry as these are only the temporary cache files, all the other main game files will be untouched. This can prevent any bugs or glitches from occurring.
  • Start Roblox and see if the error code 266 is resolved.


If all the above-mentioned fixes fail to resolve the error code 266 issue, don’t worry. We have one final trick up our sleeves, which is to uninstall the game and perform a fresh install of the same. Install the latest available version of the game. The latest updated version will mostly be free of previously existing bugs and glitches.

If the issue persists even after trying all the fixes, we are sorry. We suggest you visit Roblox’s support page, here’s the link You can report your bugs here or contact them.

If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us via Facebook or Twitter. Thank You. Happy Gaming!

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