Best Weapons To Use In Roblox Bedwars (Guide) 2022

Are you trying to figure out the best weapons to use in the Bedwars to defeat the opponent team? Here are the details. 

Playing Bedwars on Roblox is super fun and even increases your strategies and skills in the game. Roblox Bedwars is unique and enjoyable with various kits, maps, blocks, weapons, items, etc.

The Roblox Games never fails to amaze the players and keeps on launching the best weapons in their updates. Here’s a good recommended list of weapons to use which would enhance the winning chances of the team. 

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Pretty much known to everyone and used by everyone – The RageBlade. Well, the Rageblade is cool to use to give good damage to the opponents. One thing you must keep in mind is to be controlling your moves while using the RageBlade otherwise, you may feel it just like a normal weapon. 

Golden Scythe 

The Golden Scythe has just been recently added a few months ago to the game. It does an amazing job in the game after you upgrade a little. The Golden Scythe on average would be a 50 to 60 damage to the opponent which would be quite great.

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Ice Dagger 

Talking about the most amazing sword that one can use in the Roblox Bedwars is definitely the Ice Dagger. Well, this weapon is no matter a close-range weapon which would have damage of around 90 or 100 depending upon the armor of the enemy. However, in the initial stages, many would find the damage would get dropped down to around 40 or 45. 


The throwable weapon Spear usage in the Bedwars of Roblox game would not be that fascinating to everyone but spear actually helps give out good damage of around 60 to 65. 


This was all about the best weapons to use during your Roblox Bedwars game time. Keep on upgrading and use the best available weapons to improve your team’s winning strategy. Happy gaming! 

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9 months ago

What do the weapons look like? Put Pictures.

8 months ago
Reply to  PhhoneUser

rageblade looks like a fire blade
ice dagger looks like a antarctic sword
spear looks like a heaven spear (i think)
golden scythe is mostly black but has a golden outline and a red point