Battlefield 2042: Fastest Way to Level UP (Unlimited XP Farm)

Battlefield 2042 Fastest Way to Level UP Unlimited XP Farm

if you are looking for a legit method to XP Farm and Level Up faster in Battlefield 2042 then we have the perfect guide ready for you. Please note that this is not a hack or glitch it’s simple features that can help you unlimited XP in BF 2042.

In this guide we will compile all the steps that you need to follow to gain tons of XP in Battlefield 2042, I have been using this method as well and it has gained me over 50k XP in one match. You can even gain more by using this method if you used it perfectly.

BF2042 XP Farming Guide (Level UP Faster)

To follow this guide precisely I will suggest you check all the requirements given below before proceeding in the game. Please note that this is an official XP farming method in-game and not a hack or glitch.

Requirements need to XP Farm in BF 2042

  • This method works better on breakthorugh.
  • You need to know how to use the character Casper.
  • Make sure there is not customization on the character (not sure if necessary).

I hope you know everything that is given in the requirements now it’s time to XP farm in battlefield 2042 and level up faster than your friends.

Steps to get Unlimited XP in Battlefield 2042 (Farm)

Unlimited XP in Battlefield 2042

This method can be done only using Casper and better works in breakthrough mode. Follow the steps given below to gain unlimited Xp in battlefield 2042 easy way.

  1. Go to the main menu and select breakthrough as the game mode.
  2. Select Casper as your Sepcialist.
  3. Start the breakthrough match and wait for yourself to spawn.
  4. Now hide in some room, make sure you are near enemy base or close to fights, You can also hide in bushes.
  5. Now what you want to do is just use your recon drone.
  6. Fly the drone high in the sky and target/mark all the enemies on the field. There wil be a lot fo enemies in battlefield.
  7. For every player you mark you will get 5 XP. But here is the best part there are a lot of enemies so suppose there are more than 20 people fighting scan all of them and then for every enemy you pinged get killed you will get 50 XP each for Assists.
  8. You willl see the kill feed goinf crazy near your map.
  9. This will get you so many ribbons as well, which gives a tons of XP in the match too.
Watch the video for a better understanding.

So to sum up everything, you don’t have to do much fighting in the game, All you have to do is sit in a bush or building and scan enemies and get free XP, You can farm up to 50K per match using this method.

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1 year ago

There is also another way, play solo/coop on conquest orbital on advanced difficulty. All you have to do is achieve at least 100 kills and 15 objective captures and you get around 25 to 29k exp each round.

Durdy Deedz
Durdy Deedz
6 months ago
Reply to  Tunemeup

Is this method still working?