Bitlife Tips Tricks and Cheats for Perfect Life (Guide) 2022

Bitlife is a text-based life simulator where players take control of a character and go on the entire life journey of that character making several crucial decisions and managing different aspects of life.

The game is a lot of fun and you will be impressed by the number of outcomes the developers have managed to pack in the game. The game has tried to capture every important element of life but since it is a game, it is a lot more predictable than real life.

So we have decided to make this guide to help you on your Bitlife journey and have a successful in-game life.

Work Towards a Job

In the game menu, you will see a list of career options that you can choose for your character. We recommend that you choose a job that pays well or can pay well in the future instead of settling for average jobs but that is entirely your choice.

But what is essential for you to get started in the game is that you choose what you want to become as early as you can as different jobs have different requirements. Look at the requirements for your desired job online and start preparing early.

For example, to become a Doctor in Bitlife you need to study certain subjects such as Biology and Psychology whereas if you want to become an actor the requirements are completely different. We will later tell you how you can choose a specific job in Bitlife.

Try to Get a Head Start

You need to commit a lot of time to your character so before spending a lot of time on a character that you may not like, look at your stats and your parent’s stats in the relationship menu to make sure your character is worth investing your time into.

If you do not feel like your character would work for you just keep creating a new character till you get the desired character. This affects how you are born and getting a character with a good upbringing and stats can provide you a lot of early advantages.

Always Buy A Lottery Ticket

The probability of winning a lottery ticket may not seem much but we have noticed that the rate at which players win the Lottery in Bittlife is not really that bad so we highly recommend you pay the low amount to buy the Lottery ticket frequently because if you do manage to win the Lottery you will become a millionaire in an instant so it is highly worth it.

Participate In Various Activities

Balancing your career and other aspects of life is very important in Bitlife as well, your mood level, health, looks, intelligence, etc all depend on the type of activities you indulge in. There are a wide variety of activities for you to choose from so make sure to participate in at least of few of them consistently.

Buy Properties

Make sure to buy expensive properties as soon as you can afford to do so as they increase in their value over time and is a great way to increase your overall net worth as you get older in the game. Try to buy as many properties as you can, but only when you are loaded with money to make sure you don’t go broke.

Job Shuffle Cheat

This cheat is the only way of getting the specific job you want in Bitlife. You will be given a random roster of jobs listed that you may not want, you need to shuffle these jobs till you get the one you are looking for. There are two ways of shuffling jobs in Bitlife, you can either enter the next year by tapping the age button or restart the app. We recommend restarting the app so that you don’t waste a year in-game.

Marry Into Royalty

Another trick to becoming rich quickly that many players might not be aware of is simply marrying someone in royalty. This is not as simple as it sounds as you will have to focus a lot of your time on your looks and will have to wait countless hours for someone who is a royal interested in you.

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