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Lost Ark: Blackrose Chapel All Mokoko Seed Locations

Lost Ark Blackrose Chapel All Mokoko Seed Locations

The Lost Ark is the trending fantasy MMORPG that was released in South Korea back in 2019, after a great reception in that region the game has just been released in North American and Western Europe regions on February 11, 2022.

With players trying to optimize their builds to the fullest every reward that the game offers becomes that much more important. In this guide, we will look at one of the items that can help you significantly in your journey called Mukoko Seeds.

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What are Mukoko Seeds?

Mukoko seeds are one of the many in-game collectible items that the players are able to trade for exciting items. The trade takes place through the NPC called Totoma who will give you rewards for every 50 seeds given. There are more than 1200 seeds in the game, most of the seeds cannot be missed by a careful eye however some seeds even experienced MMORPG players will miss.

Locations of all Mukoko Seeds in Blackrose Chapel

The Blackrose Chapel has 13 total Mukoko seeds present in the region and we are here to show how and where you can get all 13 of them. So here is the list of all the seeds and the exact location where you will find them.

  • Seed 1 – You will find your first seed of the region near some peices of wood along with the torch. This seed is easily missable so you should find it easily.
seed 1b
  • Seed 2 – Seed 2 is located in the ragged hut that you will find in the region. Inside the hut there is a crate, the second seed is located right next to it.
Location of the hut
  • Seed 3 – Seed 3 is located in the same hut mentioned below right opposite the second seed near the box. The third seed is located right between the bookshelf and the stairs.
  • Seed 4 – The fourth seed is located near the foor of the huge statue of a warrior in a crown surrounded by candles.
  • Seed 5 – The fifth seed is located in an abandoned broken house. You will find the seed towards the left end of the house on the floor.
  • Seed 6 – Follow the path downwards from where you found the fifth seed and take a right turn to find an area with filled with gold coins and chest. The sixth seed is located right next to the gold but your vision will be obstructed by a tree branch so be sure to look around.
seed6b 1
  • Seed 7 – Now take the left turn instead of the above mentioned right turn. You will find the seventh seed laying right there.
  • Seed 8 – Once you start seeing glowing purple flowers you should keep a look for the 8th seed as it is located right next to one of them. Refer to the map for exact location.
  • Seed 9 – You will enter a room with many candles on the floor with an angelic statue outside. You will find you 9th seed here which is hidden behind the wall.
  • Seed 10 – The tenth seed is located in the open next to the fountain with four orbs surrounding the perimeter. You should have no problem finding this one.
  • Seed 11 – The eleventh seed is in a room with bloody markings on the floor and right near some candles you will find the seed.
  • Seed 12 – The second last seed of the area is located between the 3 golden fallen chairs and the bloody dekh with candles. The seed is located behind the dekh out of vision so be careful not to miss it.
  • Seed 13 – The last seed of the region is located near the edge of the map surrounded by tombstones and candles.

That’s all for this region! Hope this guide helped you to get every Mukoko seed in the Blackrose Chapel.

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