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Bless Unleashed: Beginners Guide | Tips and Tricks

Bless Unleashed is an open-world MMORPG multiplayer game where players can play with friends, complete quests, defeat monsters, clear dungeons, defeat sinister groups like The Faceless and maintain order in the city.

It is developed by Round 8 Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This game rebooted Bless Online and was released on Playstation and Xbox in 2020 and on Windows on August 6, 2021.

Bless Unleashed: Beginner’s Guide

In this guide, we will talk about how to level up, quest guide, class/heroes guide, dungeon guide, and more. After using this guide, you will easily complete the quests on your Bless Unleashed journey.

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Class /Heroes Guide

There are 5 main classes right now, which include three ranged and two melee classes. Each character has a unique playstyle and powers and how you use them. Ranking from top to low tier, we have Mage, Ranger, Priest, Crusader, Berserker.

Mage Guide

Bless Unleashed Mage

Mages are half-human half-elves. These are the top class tier in the Bless Unleashed with fantastic battle performance in PvP and PvE, whether solo or team. Mages have AoE blessings, critical hit ability, and powerful mana regeneration.

With a reduced cooldown, you can easily perform combos and hit your enemy with deadly blows. The AoE attack deals a lot of damage and has less cooldown, so you can use this attack more often to dominate your enemies.

Best Mage Build includes the following items:

ItemGradeGear ScoreAttackUnique Effect
Spellslinger Wand : Rare1371465Critical Hit Damage
Magic Orb of the Forgotten Knights :Rare2945Defense
Hat of Eternity :Rare80491Increases Defense
Robe of Annihilation :Rare 108654Increases Critical Hit Damage
Leg Armor of Annihilation :Rare 108 654 Increases Critical Hit Rate
Grandseer’s Boots :Rare 72487Increases Attack Power
Gloves of DesireRare 58327Increases Critical Hit Damage
Grandseer’s Shoulderguards :Rare 58390Increases Attack Power
Belt of Eternity :EpicAttack Power, PvE Combat XP, Critical Hit Damage
Desert Song Ring :EpicCritical Hit Damage, Lunchbox buff duration, Max HP

Ranger Guide

Bless Unleashed Ranger

The rangers are the best archers from elf races. They prefer fighting one enemy at a time, as their primary weapon is a Bow. Any dual is an easy win for a ranger. They have a hard time fighting a group of enemies, and they lack AoE damage.

If you want to be a Lone Wolf, take a Ranger. Best Ranger Build includes the following items:

ItemGradeGear ScoreAttackUnique Effect
The Marksman’s Composite BowRare1341465Increases Critical Hit Rate
Quiver of the Forgotten KnightsRare 25120Using reload increases your Movement Speed for 5 seconds
Area Inspector HeaddressRare8080Increases Critical Hit Rate
Tunic of Vigilance(Attack version)Epic1401044Increases Attack
Leg Armour of VigilanceRare108876Increases PvP Defence, increases Thundering Arrow damage
Boots of VigilanceRare72548Increases Max HP or Critical Hit Rate
Inspectors GlovesRare58368Increases Critical Hit Damage
Bloody Shoulder GuardsRare58368Increases Critical Hit Damage
Snake Tracker’s BeltRare72460Increases Critical Hit Rate
Desert Song RingEpicCritical Hit Damage, Buff Duration, and Max HP
Hoade NecklaceEpicAttack Power, Combat XP, Critical Hit Damage

Priest Guide

Bless Unleashed Priest

Priests play the role of support magicians. They offered heals, shields, and ranged attacks. You can use Priest with other players and perform the various combination. The priest should work from the back and lead the team from supporting magic.

A priest is not meant for the solo play. Best Priest Build includes the following items:

Item Grade Gear Score Attack Unique Effect
Staff of EpiphanyRare1371465Increases allies’ Attack Power within a 5m radius
Halidom of the Forgotten KnightRare2945Increases Defense
Truth Seeker’s CircletRare80491Increases Critical Hit Rate
Robe of AnnihilationRare108654Increases Critical Hit Damage
Leg Armour of AnnihilationRare108654Increases Critical Hit Rate
Grandseer’s BootsRare72487Increases Attack Power
Glovers of DesireRare58327Increases Critical Hit Damage
Grandseer’s ShouldersRare58390Increases Attack Power
Belt of EternityRare72409Increases Attack Power
Horde NecklaceEpicAttack Power, PvE Combat XP, Critical Hit Damage
Desert Song RingEpicQualities: Critical Hit Damage, Lunchbox buff duration, Max HP

Crusader Guide

Bless Unleashed Crusader

Crusaders are more of a front-line support player. They have limited AoE Damage and moderate solo damage. They have a knockdown ability. With well-time attacks, you can easily block attacks and stun them, knocking them down.

Crusader is meant for team play. Best Crusader Build includes the following items:

Item Grade Gear Score Attack Unique Effect
Old Legion Double-Edged SwordRare1371465Increases Attack Power
Shield of the Forgotten KnightsRare29450Increases Defense
Unsung Hero’s GuardRare80613Increases Critical Hit Rate
Old Empire Body ArmorRare108817Increases Critical Hit Damage
Warrior’s GreavesRare50412Increases Max HP
Blue Dawn BootsRare72511Increases Critical Hit Rate
Centurion GauntletsRare58409Increases Attack Power
Dragon Knight’s Shoulder ArmorRare58487Increases Attack Power
Blue Dawn BeltRare72511Increases Critical Hit Damage
Necklace of the CorruptedEpicCritical Hit Rate, Potion Healing Amount, Defense
Desert Song RingEpicCritical Hit Damage, Lunchbox Buff Duration, Max HP

Berserker Guide

Bless Unleashed Berserker

Varg race powerful warriors are known as Berserker. Their primary weapon is Axe and can only perform melee attacks. They are slow, but their attacks are mighty. They require high tactics, play, and teamwork.

Berserker is meant for team play. The best Berserker Build includes the following items:

Item Grade Gear Score Attack Unique Effect
Assault AxeRare1371465Increases Defense
Totem of the Forgotten KnightsRare29225Increases Defense
Unsung Hero’s GuardRare80613Increases Critical Hit Rate
Old Empire Body ArmorRare108817Increases Critical Hit Damage
Blue Dawn Leg ArmorRare108817Increases Earthbreaker damage
Blue Dawn BootsRare72511Increases Critical Hit Rate
Centurion GauntletsRare58409Increases Attack Power
Unsung Hero’s BeltRare72511Earthbreaker reduces affected enemies’ Defence for 7 seconds
Necklace of the CorruptedEpicCritical Hit Rate, Potion Healing Amount, Defence
Desert Song RingEpicCritical Hit Damage, Lunchbox buff duration, Max HP

Leveling Guide

Here are the few tips that will help you gain more XP and level up faster :

  • Play main quest : This increases your experience, and you unlock several more events which will help in leveling up your character.
  • Try avoiding side quest : If you want to level up you must avoid side quest as it wastes time and is helpful for skill experience only.
  • Do region boss and regional quests : Defeat the region boss and complete the quest for more XP.
  • Going on solo : Solo grind can be very helpful as you get more XP when you defeat enemies.
  • Experience boosters and boosted armors : Get experience booster and create an armor with level boost.
  • Fighting similar and higher level enemies : Fighting a lower rank enemy gives you less XP, so always fight enemy of same and higher level.

Quest Guide

Bless Unleashed Leveling

There are 8 types of quests: Campaign Quest, Episode Quest, Side Quests, Regional Quests, Prestige Quests, Union Quests, Blessing Quests, Crusades, and Invasions. Campaign quests are the most important that you need to complete.

Campaign Quest is the main storyline quest. You can not abandon these quests, and you unlock various regions and rewards after completing them.

Episode quests are done to have a better understanding of the campaign quest.

Side Stories are like a side mission from different areas. Some side quests are repeatable, but they do have a limit daily.

Regional quests are time-limited quests for a particular region or area. Various currencies and reward chests can be obtained by completing these quests.

Prestige Quests are done by completing specific Regional Quests. These unlock when you complete a region campaign quest, have a level greater than 25, and have a friendly faction rating.

Crusades are co-op quests that you can complete with your friend and earn rewards.

Enhancement Guide

When you enhance a weapon, its attack power and defense power increase, which increases your battle power, fortification stones can be used to upgrade the weapon. Still, these upgrades may sometimes fail, and the weapon gets damaged.

The damaged weapon can be repaired using the repair tool. Various items like Gold, Artifact Shards, and Artifact Cores are required to enhance depending upon the weapon’s grade.

Crafting Guide

You can craft equipment, potions, elixirs, panaceas, and dyes. You need crafting material and recipes for crafting the items. Crafting includes Forging, Shaping, Enchanting, Alchemy, Cooking. Obtaining XP increases the crafting skill level.

Different types of items can be crafted in these workstations :

Blacksmith’s ForgeCrusader and Berserker equipment, metal crafting materials
Shaping WorkbenchRanger equipment, leather, and wooden crafting
Enchanter’s WheelMage and Priest equipment, cloth and wooden crafting materials
Alchemy StationPotions, elixirs, panceas, and dyes
Soul PyreCooked food and lunchboxes

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