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Bloodhunt Tips and Tricks: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Bloodhunt is an upcoming battle royal game which is in early access now. It is developed and published by Sharkmob and is available for Microsoft Windows as of now. This game is planned for release in Q3/Q4 2021.

In this Bloodhunt tips and tricks guide we will talk about various aspects of the game that covers which include the spawn system, character selection, weapons, types of enemies loot locations and more.

Tip 1 : Elysium

Bloodhunt Elysium

Elysium is the lobby where all players gather before actually entering the match. In this area you can get in touch with three NPC’s of the game and check different guns and other gears found there.

Here you can also invite other players by pressing ESC and then Social and then invite your friends and join the vampire hunt with your group. You can either join matchmaking as solo or in a group of three.

Tip 2 : Spawn Arrangement

Like in other battle royal games when you join a game, mostly you land from sky and get yourself proper gear and other stuff. But in Bloodhunt you don’t fly and land you simply spawn at your selected location.

When you choose a spawn point nearby players will be highlighted who choose their spawn point near to you. Before the countdown is over you can change locations as much as you want so that you can land in a less crowded area.

If you don’t choose or select any spawn location then a random location will be given to you. At the end of the countdown all 45 players will be revealed that is their spawn locations will be shown, so you can be prepared.

In the map you can also find locations of various items like guns, pharmacy store, antique store and entity(we will talk about it later in this guide). So choose wisely your landing spawn, so you can get better gear before fighting someone.

Tip 3 : Choosing right Archetypes

Bloodhunt Archetype

Archetypes are the classes of the game. These are the characters which you select when you are joining the game or beforehand to. Each character comes with different sets of abilities and unique skills.

You can customize your character in the main menu while you are in the Elysium. You can change the appearance of the character from head to toe. For a more detailed guide on Archetypes click on the link.

Tip 4 : All Loot Locations

Bloodhunt Loot

When you spawn at your selected location then first you should press X to scan your surroundings to look for loot locations for weapons, gadgets, armor, and health. There are different locations on the ground and on the rooftop.

These items are highlighted by blue glowing light. You can see these blue glowing lights through the walls and from under the rooftops. You can also find weapons and armor in different vans.

In the orange vans you find either of the item types. In the police vans you can find only armor weapons and ammo and in ambulance vans you can find blood bags or syringes. You can carry up to three pieces of each armor and health type in your inventory.

There are also tailor stores, pharmacy store and antique store where you can find weapons, heals and melee weapons respectively. If you are the first one to enter these stores an alarm will activate alerting the nearby enemies.

There are treasure chests around the map which you can find only on set locations. In these chests you can find higher tier weapons in purple or yellow. Be careful of your surroundings as other players might also come for the loot.

Tip 5 : Weapon types, Healing and Armor

Bloodhunt Weapon

There are various weapons types in Bloodhunt which ranges from melee to ranged weapons. Melee weapons include a Spiked Baseball Bat, a Fire Axe, a Katana, or the Scourge Blades with Katana being the best in its class.

Ranged weapons include rifles, crossbows, snipers, pistols, machine guns, revolver, lmg, mini gun and more. Assault rifles are of top class. Their fire rate and damage is what makes them dominant.

Healing can be done in two ways. The first way is by using your inventory or your heal item wheel. Blood bags take time to heal whereas syringes heal faster. The second way is by feeding on humans. Beware this takes time but fills your health bar full.

Armors are great in reducing incoming damage from your enemies. You need to change armor ones it gets destroyed. In the last circles finding armors is difficult so have one prepared before moving on to next circles/rounds.

Tip 6 : Resonances and its types

Bloodhunt Resonance

When we use resonance we see humans with different colored Aura. These humans have resonance blood. These resonances are used to enhance the ability of the player. You can only fill up to 3 resonance type blood.

Teal (Phlegmatic):reduces the cooldown of your Archetype Talent (-10%, -25%, -50%).
Purple (Melancholic):reduces the cooldown of your Clan Talent (-10%, -25%, -50%).
Pink (Sanguine):will increase your Well being Regeneration per second (0.5, 1.5, 3.0).
Orange (Choleric):will increase your Melee Harm (+10%, +25%, +50%).

Tip 7 : Diablerize and Regeneration

In order to kill the opponent you have to diablerize them. Like other battle royal players get knocked out. So if you don’t diablerize them by any means then they will automatically be revived after 20 seconds.

Regeneration won’t start if you are outside the blood zone. You can also use the mortals and NPCs to regenerate yourself. If you are outside the zone then first try to get inside and then regenerated yourself.

Tip 8 : The Bloodhunt

Bloodhunt kill mortal

In the Vampire rule book there is a saying that you should not kill any mortal in front of other mortals. If done, so then all other vampires will hunt you done. This is done so that they can hide their identity among mortals.

For an aggressive bloodhunt is the best approach as when you kill a mortal or get caught while sucking blood by other mortal then your position gets revealed and other players will come for you this way you can get enough loot if you kill them.

If a player is new, or he doesn’t like aggressive playstyle he should totally avoid it as other people will hunt him down for about 1 minute. In order to survive he must run or climb top areas but beware of campers.

Tip 9 : The Entity

Bloodhunt entity

The Entity is a group of people who are against the vampire community. On the map, you will find an icon as a red plus sign which shows the location of this group. These groups are heavily armed and can kill you if you are not cautious.

If you choose to fight them then make sure you have a strategic approach. Fighting carelessly will get you killed. On killing these entities you will be provided with higher class loot and gear.

If you diablerize these entities then you can get an extra slot for resonance blood. But be careful while engaging other enemies might third party you easily while you are busy with the entities.

This game is still in early stage, so there might be few bugs. Follow this guide so that you can dominate enemies in no time.

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