Blox Fruits: Best 5 Cheap Fruits for Grinding in 2022

Blox Fruit on Roblox was developed in January 2019. Earning Blox Fruits, aka Devil Fruits, is the main objective, which a player can find randomly in the game. These typically spawn 60 minutes after the server starts and despawn if not picked up by the player within 20 minutes.

For each player to become a powerful pirate, they must have the best Blox Fruits and the level of potency they can muster. This can be a problem if one does not have enough money or Robux to purchase the pricey Blox Fruits, but thankfully you do not need to seek out the most expensive Devil Fruits to employ their abilities.


Follow this guide to know the best Blox Fruits that you need.

FruitPrice (Beli)Price (Robux)  TypeAbility Levels
Bomb  5,00050Natural1, 15
Spike  7,50075Natural1, 15
Chop  30,000100Natural1, 20, 50
Spring  60,000180Natural1, 20, 60, 80
Kilo  80,000220Natural1, 20, 50, 75


Kilo Blox Fruit is a Natural type of Blox Fruit. Kilo was included in update 15.

It has a 16% chance of being in stock and a 13% chance of sprouting in-game. The only fruit in Blox Fruits that can defeat foes in the air is Kilo.


Spring is another type of natural Blox Fruit in Roblox. It may be from the cousin of the Blox Fruits Dealer at times. Roblox Blox Fruit uses Spring for the Jeremy Boss NPC.

When it spawns in the game, Spring has a 20% chance of being in stock and a 14% chance of being found. It also assists the players in mobility skills.


Chop is yet another type of natural Blox Fruit in the game. It was added in update 1. Chop fruit has a 35% chance of being in stock and a 15% chance of spawning.

What makes this fruit interesting is the fact that its users are immune to sword damage, even when enchanted. But keep in mind that a light or ice sword might still harm you. This fruit is helpful for grinding in the early stages of the game because NPCs frequently use swords.



Spike is another type of natural Blox Fruit. It was included in Update 1 later on.

It can be purchased from Dog House for 97 Robux. Along with Bomb Fruit, it is a fruit that is always in stock. It is very fun to play around with.


The bomb is another type of fruit that adds to the list of natural Blox Fruits. Along with Spike, this fruit is also always in stock. It proves to be a good choice for beginners because of its low cost.

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