Breakwaters Lag Fix – Boost FPS, Graphics, Stuttering & More

Breakwater is finally out and in early access on steam right now. By following the steps, you’ll be able to reduce stuttering, increase frame rates, and overcome other issues you could encounter while playing the game on your computer or laptop.

Breakwaters is a new Free to Play, Single Player, Online Co-op Survival game in which you can discover new islands with unique materials to build, craft, and survive by swimming, sailing, and flying.

Don’t worry if Breakwaters is lagging on your PC or if you’re experiencing low frame rates and stuttering. We’ve put together a simple tip to help you obtain more FPS in the Breakwaters game.

Breakwaters Minimum Requirements

Before going with the article, please check that you have at least the minimum system requirements or something similar to the requirements that are listed below.

Minimum system requirements for Breakwaters are:

  • CPU: TBD (To be Determined)
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 64-bit

Breakwaters Fix Lag, FPS Drop, Stuttering

You’ll notice frame rate drops, lag, and stuttering if your windows and computer aren’t correctly optimized. This article will assist you in resolving all issues and improving game performance.

Debloating Your Windows (Remove Bad Applications)

Windows 10 and 11 come with some very annoying programs pre-installed. These apps are always operating in the background, causing in-game performance to suffer and packet loss in online games.

All you have to do is download Windows 10, and 11 Debloater from the provided link and follow the on-screen instructions. This will allow you to free up a lot of space, which will improve your FPS.

Enable Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling

When performing tasks that require heavy GPU usage, this setting will utilize your graphics card, minimizing latency and improving speed.

  1. In Windows search, type “Graphics Settings” and select the first option that appears.
  2. Make sure the “Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling” option is selected.
  3. You will now see a list of all the games that are installed on your computer.
  4. Find and choose “Breakwaters” from the drop-down menu, then set the performance to high.
  5. Keep in mind that whether or not your system supports this feature is entirely
    dependent on it.

Turn off the startup and background applications

Most gamers do not close their launch or background apps while playing video games. I’ll show you how to close these unwanted running apps in the back, which can help you fast enhance your performance in Breakwater.

Disable Startup Applications in Windows 11 and Windows 10

Many apps are set to start when the computer turns on; not only do these apps slow down Windows’ starting time, but they also consume resources in the background. You should disable these apps if you want to get the most out of your RAM, CPU, and GPU power.

Enable Ultimate Performance Power Plan

This option will increase the amount of power your computer uses. The more power you provide your system, the higher the game’s performance will be; hence, enabling this feature can help you gain greater FPS in video games.

  1. Go to Start, Search for ‘cmd’ then
  2. Right Click, and run it as an adiminstrator
  3. Copy and paste this code from here your CMD: “powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61
  4. Select Maximum Performance from the Power Plan Settings menu by searching for Edit Power Plan in Windows search.

Uninstall / Disable Third-party apps And Overlays to increases FPS

Stuttering in video games is caused by Overlays. Third-party applications can cause lag when playing games by interfering with their operations. Remove or disable the Rockstar Launcher, Steam, and Discord overlay settings.

The Nvidia GeForce experience overlay can also be turned off. This can help you increase your frame rate and decrease stuttering and FPS drops in video games. Make sure that programs like MSI Afterburner and others aren’t working in the background.

Update your Graphics Card Drivers

The most recent drivers for your graphics card can usually be found on the manufacturer’s website. Install your new driver by following the steps in the installation wizard, and make sure to check any auto-update settings to ensure your driver remains the latest in the future.

  1. Go to Official Site for Drivers –
    AMD : Download
    Nvidia : Download
  2. Download the latest version of GPU driver and Install
  3. Restart your PC

Reduce your screen resolution

Higher resolutions need your graphics card to render a larger number of pixels, lowering your FPS dramatically. You should try to run games at the same resolution as your monitor.

If you’re still having trouble maintaining enough FPS, you might want to lower your screen resolution. Almost every game’s video options menu included the option to do so.

  1. Run Breakwaters and wait in the menu
  2. Go to Settings, search for video settings
  3. Under Video settings, find screen resolution
  4. Reduce the screen resolution to get more FPS

Use Game Booster for More FPS

FPS booster software claims to boost your frame rate in games, but if you’ve already tried other methods to improve your FPS, you won’t notice much of a change.

Background processes can be stopped or slowed down with the best gaming optimization software, freeing up CPU resources for your game.

One of the most well-known and long-running game boosters on the market is Razer Cortex: Game Booster. It is offered by Razer, one of the largest gaming firms, and is free to use.

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