Brotato Season 1 Ultimate Beginner Guide: Tips & Tricks

Brotato is a roguelike arena shooter that plays differently from parallel games in the genre. You will be working with weapon shapes and purchasing items from a shop after every wave. It’s not a hard game to grasp, but it is a punishing game that can throw disappointment after failure at you. The effort can be frustrating if you don’t know how to make the greatest of your abilities.

With some supportive tips and tricks, you can quickly acclimatize and get to know the variety of Brocato characters on offer. You will be intelligent to hold your own against the horde of enemies while taking fun coming up with combinations to test with. Here are the tips you need to know if you are a learner at Brotato.

Regenerate Brotato Beginners’ 

Conclusion a way to restore health is vital in Brotato, and you have two key ways of doing so (apart from drinking fruit). The first way is through HP Rebirth, which restores your health over time. The second is Lifesteal, which bounces you a chance to restore one health with each attack.

Lifesteal sounds great, but the odds of healing per attack aren’t great in the early stages. You would need to get a significant amount just to recover one health per bout at a decent rate. HP Regeneration is more steady for healing, as it always heals even when you aren’t offensive.

Your Convey Bonus

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Weapon types can give you bonus stats for the additional weapons you equip of that type. For example, the Precise weapon type will stretch you an increase in Critical Chance the more Precise weapons you have armed. Having all six weapons from one weapon type will give you a great stat boost that can moreover give you a great advantage or give you more room to upsurge other stats.

Upgradations of Brotato

As you start in receipt of Rounds 10-19, you might note that your hurt starts to fall off. Having better-quality arms will increase their damage and boost their effects. You have four rarities: Normal (black), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Fabled (red/orange).

Finding high-rarity arms in the shop can require great luck. By combining equal rarity weapons (black + black, blue + blue), you can generate more powerful forms of weapons without consuming to buy them in the store. It also the whole thing even if you have no room for weapons; you can buy a weapon from the stock and it will combine with a weapon in your record if they are the same rarity.


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One way to effortlessly get a weapon-type bonus and keep promotions consistent is to make all weapons the same. That means in receipt of six shotguns, six pistols, six Shurikens, etc. Not only does this make it calmer for you to strengthen the weapon bonus, but it also makes it easier for you to advance versions of a similar weapon.


Luck touches the spawn of rare items, as well as increasing the accidental of getting items and consumables from adversaries. Getting more consumables to heal by hand in the middle of battle is never a bad idea, and more substances (the brown boxes) can only help you. It may not continually work in your favour but having better item/stat rolls in the future is much improved than having poor choices and there is nobody good to choose from.

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