How to Build Castle in Minecraft Easily Step by Step (2022)

Minecraft is an evergreen game that can never get boring, no matter how long you’ve been playing. It’s a game that the players themselves design, by decorating their world with blocks that they find or mine.

As a Minecraft player, after a long day of fighting monsters and mining for ores, you want to return to a snug and comfortable place called home. We’re sure for most players out there, a castle would be a great place to call your base.

Minecraft Castle Build Guide

A castle provides a lot of shelters, defense, and storage space. You can include an enchantment room, a brewery, and a trading center all inside your base. And of course, it looks really cool.

So here’s a guide on how to build one, in survival mode –

First of all, to build a castle-like this one, you’ll need sufficient materials. We recommend gathering around 500 stone (chiseled if you want a more authentic look), 500 wooden planks ( the type of wood is up to you), and some miscellaneous decorative items like lanterns, barrels, and fences.

Step 1: Basic Layout of the Base

image 43

Now that you have gathered the necessary materials, time to start with the layout of the castle.

You can start by flattening out enough space to build this layout as shown, the size is totally up to you.

Step 2: Skeletal Structure and External details

image 44

When you’re done with the outlines, it’s time to build upwards. You can use stone bricks to build pillars and columns connecting them to form a skeletal structure as shown in the image. This will define the vertical scope of the castle for you to build upon.

Step 3. External Detailing

image 46

Use stone brick stairs to form an outline of the structure and create an entrance arch with them. You can line the 2nd floor beams with stone brick stairs too, as it adds to the details. Make sure to add single stone wall blocks on top of them as they look like barrack spikes. By the end, you must have something like how it’s shown here.

Use stone brick stairs to do the same with the roof level, to complete the external structure of the castle. By the end, you must have something like how it’s shown below.

image 47

Step 4. Walls and Windows of the Castle

image 48

To create the walls of your castle you may use any wooden plank blocks and fill the spaces between successive pillars. Don’t forget to leave about 4 blocks of space for the windows, where you can place iron bars.

You can go a step further and add some extra detail to your castle with some trapdoors and signs to give it more personality.

image 49

Step 5. Interiors

image 50

As shown, you can either use this design of a floorplan using cobblestone, stone bricks, and wooden planks or create your own. Just don’t use only one type of block as that makes it really dull and plain looking.

Replicate the same for another floor and use some lanterns along with chains to light up your rooms.

image 51

Finally, Populating your Castle

image 52

Now that you have ample space for everything, you can place your enchanting table, your beds, furnaces, storage chests, some potted plants, and an armory to decorate the interiors of your castle.

You can also set up an in-house farm on the roof, to grow your own supplies. Because, why not?

image 53

So there you have it, a functional, beautiful, and safe medieval castle for you and your friends to live in. Of course, in Minecraft, you can use your creativity to change whatever you want. Don’t shy away from telling us your design ideas in the comments!

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