How to Build Rebecca from Edgerunners in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is one of Netflix’s latest original anime series, which is gathering praise from all around the world. The anime is inspired by the game Cyberpunk 2077 and features the world environment and societal conditions as shown in the game.

The interesting thing about the anime is that it has a very good cast of characters, each having their own skills in cybernetics. One of those characters, and surely a popular one, is Rebecca. She has a funny and slightly maniacal personality, which intrigues the fans of the series and the game.

After the 1.6 update, the signature GUTS shotgun that Rebecca uses was added to the game, and now it is possible to fully build her in the game. This article will tell you how to build Rebecca from the anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners in the game Cyberpunk 2077.


Before starting you must know that if you’re playing on PC the modders have put some great mods to take your build to the next level. Some mods include stuff like Rebecca’s pistol, tattoos, hairstyle and eyes.

Now, for the cyberware you need to focus the transplant on giving Rebecca more potential to damage the tank because you are always gonna find her in close quarter firefights.

  • Kill heal on – Instantly restores 10% health after defeating an enemy.
  • second heart – Restores 100% health immediately after reaching 0 of health.
  • bioconductor – Reduces all cyberware cooldowns by up to 30%.
  • kerenzikov – The Ripper Doc Arroyo sells them in Santa Domingo for $7,500. Allows you to slide and dodge more quickly while slowing down time.
  • maneuvering system – The Ripper Doc Arroyo sells them in Santa Domingo for $3,000. It adds in a maneuvering system to enhance Kerenzikov’s effect.
cyberpunk edgerunners

Character Number

The recommended build is evenly spread across body, technical capability and reflexes. These are the three main attributes you want to spend your points into, so assign 18 to each. Intelligence will remain at only 3, while Cool gets 12. You should spend any extra points you have to the body stat because it enhances the feature of the Annihilation perk, which increases the shotgun’s fragmentation ability and damage.

Here are some of the recommended perks for each speciality branch:


Pump it up!Reduces shotgun and LMG recoil
Heavy leadIncreases the knock of the shotgun and LMG
Hit the deck20% increase in damage from shotguns and LMGs to staggered enemies
Skeet ShooterDeal 15% more damage to moving targets with Shotguns and LMGs
InvincibleDestroying the enemy increases the rate of fire of shotguns and LMGs by 10% for 8 seconds
Hail of bulletsShotguns and LMGs do 10% more damage
In your face30% reduction in shotgun and LMG reload times
BulldozerIncrease crit chance by 5% with Shotgun and LMG
Speed DemonThe faster you are moving, the more damage you deal
BloodrushIncreases combat speed by 10% while carrying a Shotgun/LMG
MultitaskerAllows you to shoot while sprinting/sliding
Divided AttentionAllows you to reload while running / sliding
cyberpunk edgerunners lucy daniel
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Investing in Reflexes is very good for Rebecca as she uses many different guns in Edgerunners. Reflexes provide buffs for pistols and assault rifles, The focus of this build is close range combat but if that is not case you can also take decent fights at long or medium range with different weapons. These are the perks for that:

Feel the FlowReduces reload time for rifles and LMGs by 20%
ExecutionerDeal 25% more damage to enemies with rifles and LMGs when enemies’ health is over 50%
Shoot, Reload, RepeatDefeating an enemy with a rifle or LMG reduces reload time by 40% for 5 seconds

Technical Ability– You should consider perks like Grease Monkey and Edger Artisan in this branch as the benefits of this branch will mostly be about allowing you to create legendary Armour and upgrade your GUTS shotgun.

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