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How to buy Elden Ring Escape Keyboard Key Great Jar Alexander

Elden Ring is a 2022 action RPG-based game developed by FromSoftware and published by Namco Entertainment and is currently one of the most-played games of the year due to its sophisticated gameplay and awesome emotion-packed storyline.

The gameplay elements include combat using many types of weapons and magic spells, horseback riding, and crafting equipment, this game is quite like the already-hit title called ‘Dark Souls.

This game has a huge fan base that continues to grow thanks to the third-party popularity, meaning, the third-party fan accessories have since come up with some being rarer than others.

One of the rarest ones is the Elden Ring Escape Key with great jar alexander with some crazy rune artwork and extreme attention to detail considering a small unit.

The hype of this key came to light when one of the fans customized their keyboard’s escape key that featured the character Alexandra sitting on top of it.

About the Jar Alexander Character

Iron fist Alexander or the great jar alexander is an NPC in Elden Ring that can be encountered stuck in the ground. Players can help him out only then he can become a summoning character. Adding further, it also opens a side quest featuring the character that leads to a large number of items for the player to acquire including the famous Jar Helmet.

How did escape key Spark Into Interest?

A Reddit user called ‘renihskcocffokuf’ user shared an image of their keyboard which he customized by changing the escape key. Another user called ‘VogelSlayer’ posted images of a crochet version of Elden Ring’s Alexander.

That doll retains a number of features that can be seen in the character in the game which also includes the patterns which we see around his body. The attention to detail is down to even the cracks seen on the NPC’s body.

The key also features mind-blowing amounts of detail including the runes seen around the top of the jar. A large number of fans have expressed their need and love for the key with that image post getting pretty famous in no time.

How to get your own!

Although the great jar alexander key is not officially in store and being mass-produced, artistic fans have their own ways of owning it i.e., making it on their own and putting it on sale for benefit of both parties.

Elden Ring Custom Escape key 1

This can be seen on websites like etsy.com which sells just about anything and in this case, it has tonnes of goodies for Elden Ring fans line posters, keychains, miniature scale items, rings, and Keycaps.

It is here where you will find the ‘Elden Ring Escape Keyboard Key with Great Jar Alexandra’ by shymesaprints. It is available in two variants – Clear & Black and is a completely 3d printed resin with hand-crafted details for all the fans out there.

The country of origin is the United States and can be delivered to almost any country in the world. It also comes unpainted which means the users can give it a unique touch thus making each key unique. Feel free to visit Etsy and get your own unique escape key now!

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