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Sea of Thieves: How to catch all Battlegills (The Easy Way)

In this Guide, I will tell you the best way to catch all battlegills in the sea of thieves. When fishing in the Sea of Thieves, battlegill is a challenging fish to capture. So we can help you catch those fishes easily without having any problem.

It would help if you fished in High Danger Areas to locate and capture Battlegills. There are five types of Battlegills fish we can capture in these areas, including the waters around active Skeleton Ships, Forts of Fortunes, Skeleton Forts, and many other locations.

Where to find Battlegills in Sea of Thieves?

If you are looking for a way to find these battlegills, it’s not that hard to locate them. There are some steps that you can follow to find battlegills easily.

  1. These High danger areas are very easy to locate, Simply look for a big faced skull cloud and follow it. Till you reach the area.
  2. Second way is to cruise around the sea and look for skeleton ships that have grreen and blue light on their skeleton ships. All you have to do is get close to these ship near 110 yards or more. Then starts fishing.
  3. Before you set sail towards the Sekelton cloud make sure you’ll need to dig out some Grubs from the sand and store them in barell.
  4. There are a limited number of Battlegills near a area, So you always have to catcj them all. I will suggest you to take all your crew fishing togther this way you can cathc more fishes.
  5. The area where you are fishing is a danger zone so take your friends and ask them to be your lookout.

Type of Battlegills Fish in Sea of Theives

There are five types of battlegills fish you can locate in the sea of thieves. The names of those fishes are given below. These fishes are not easy to find but if you know the best way to find them you can earn a lot of gold by selling them.

  • Jade Battlegill
  • Rum Battlegill
  • Sky Battlegill
  • Sand Battlegill
  • Bittersweet Battlegill

Jade Battlegill

Jade Battlegill

Jade Battlegill is the most common Battlegill variety in the game. You can easily find this breed of fish in the water. They are easy to spot in the water, but you still have to hover around your ship in some dangerous areas. But these fishes are always easy to find and can reward you up to 375 Gold on selling them.

Rum Battlegill

Rum Battlegill

Rum Battlegill is not a very common Battlegill variety in the game. It is pretty hard to find this breed of fish in the water. They are hard to spot in the water. You have to stay longer in water and in dangerous areas to fish them. The longer you fish, the better chances you have in finding these fishes. This fish can reward you up to 525 Gold on selling them.

Sky Battlegill

Sky Battlegill

Sky Battlegill is a widespread Battlegill variety. These fish are easy to come by but can be counted as rare sometimes. It depends on your luck. You have to stay longer in water to get a better chance of finding these fish. They have a blue body and can be easy to spot underwater. This fish can reward you up to 450 Gold on selling them.

Sand Battlegil

Sand Battlegil

Sand Battlegil is a white color rare fish. These fish are easy to spot in the water, but they are hard to find in danger zones as they are rare fishes and can give you a lot of money on finding these fishes. You can get up to 3750 Gold on selling this fish. But keep in mind they are a lot harder to find than you think so you have to spend a lot of time in the water.

Bittersweet Battlegil

Bittersweet Battlegil

These fishes are very hard to find, and you can only fish them in nigh time as they can be easily spotted glowing underwater. You have to stay in water for a very long time even to spot or come by these fishes.

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