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Century: Age of Ashes Beginners Guide | Top 10 Tips and Tricks

Century Age of Ashes Guide. This article will tell you the top 10 tips and tricks for Beginners that will help you be the top player in the game.

Century Age of Ashes is a free-to-play multiplayer dragon battle game. The game is created by Playwing and will release on November 18, 2021. We were lucky people who got into the Beta, So we have decided to create an easy guide for beginners.

This guide will help you get better at the game. We will also tell you some tips and tricks that most people don’t know in the game.

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Choosing the best class in Century Age of Ashes

If you are new to the game, you might be wondering what class might be best for you to play with, right? Currently, there are only 3 main classes in the game you can use Skeldin Windguard, Naerdor Phantom, and Svard Marauder.

Every class is different in its own way and have their unique benefits while riding your dragon, but the question is what class is best for you?

Let’s talk about what abilities all the classes have and what class is best for you to use on the battlefield.

Skeldin Windguard

Skeldin Windguard guide century age of ashes

Windguard is one of the best classes in the game as it has better abilities than any other class, in my opinion. They are the knights that protect their friends at all costs.


  • Dash onto a locked or nearby friend using this ability you can heal and shield your allies.
  • Reduces the cooldown on fireballs.
  • Smoke Trail will help you a lot in the battle while you have a low HP, using this ability drops a poisonous trial so that your enemies are unable to follow you.
  • Simply launches an exploding projectile in the direction of your cursor, using the ability second time release a schockwave.

Naerdor Phantom

Naerdor Phantom guide century age of ashes

According to the game’s storyline, phantoms were the first warriors to ride and conquer the dragons. Phantom is a good class for people who like stealth action.


  • When you are on low health you can use the Mystic Shroud Perk to get invisible for a short period of time.
  • Mystic Shroud while active launches an exploding projectile that deals high damage.
  • Lauches an exploding projectile that gives high damage, when pressed for the second time it releases a shockwave.
  • Mines stick them to point of intrests, and watch your enemies get blasted.

Svard Marauder

Svard Marauder guide century age of ashes

They don’t belong or serve any kingdom. Marauders are bounty hunters that are usually good at tracking their prey and killing them.


  • Locks your target and blasts a fireball, locked enemies get low damage while you are shooting fireballs, still this perk is pretty efficient. – Hunters Mark Perk
  • Destroy all enemies fireball and makes you unlockable for a limited amount of time. – Gust Perk
  • This skill releases three high damage projectiles that can remove the shield of the players. – Frost Bolts Perk

All of these classes are really good and have their own unique ability. You can now choose whatever is best for you.

Mouse Sensitivity

Mouse sens is a major factor for this game. Flying your dragon and battling the enemies as well is a challenging task. If you are struggling in-game getting high kills or dying too quickly, this is the reason why.

All you have to do is hop into training and select whatever mouse sensitivity is better for you. Preferably lower and far too higher sens is not good for this game, as, on lower sens, your dragon will be hard to control. On higher sens, it will be hard to aim. So select a medium sensitivity.

Don’t Spam Shoot Fireballs

century age of ashes fireball tips

Many people lose their one-on-one fights because they are spamming fireballs on their enemies even when they are far away or strafing in the air. You need to wait and shoot a few fireballs only.

You need to kill more than one dragon in-game, So you need to save your fireballs for all other players. Only shoot when necessary. The cooldown on the fireballs is so high that when your fireballs are recharging, someone will swoop in and will shoot you down.

Make sure you don’t waste all your fireballs on one enemy. It would be best to hold your fireballs for other enemies as there is a cooldown on your fireballs.


century age of ashes free flight mode

I know many of you don’t like to play the game tutorial, but the tutorial is essential in the century age of ashes as this game is quite different from all other games.

The tutorial mode in this game will teach you every game mode available to play in the game. By doing this, you are already superior to most players who directly hop in the game.

Training in Free Flight

Training on how to ride a dragon is crucial. Flying mechanics in the game is one of the hardest mechanics. If you think it’s easy, good for you, but when you are in a situation where more than two players are fighting or a dragon is chasing you with full HP.

You need to have those special skills locked in that you trained yourself for in the training mode. This mode will help you control your dragon and teach you when to fight and when to leave.

Shields are necesarry

century age of ashes shields grab

I know you might be thinking it’s so obvious, but most of the players in the game never pick up the hield. They are eager to fight with another dragon as soon as the match starts.

Picking up shields at the start of a round can help you with those early fights and get some good kills. Shields give you 50+ extra protection from fireballs.

Altitude is Important

century age of ashes tips and tricks

Many people neglect this, but Altitude is a major factor in the game because if you are flying above all other players first, you have a clear view of the field. Second of all, you can see every dragon and hit them instantly by using your perks.

You can easily get around enemies, dodge fireballs, sneak up on your enemies from behind, you can do a lot of stuff at high altitudes.

To increase your altitude, you will see a blue fountain-like thing you have to cross through that will push your dragon up in the sky, giving you a higher position than everyone else in the match.

Enegry Rifts Stamina

century age of ashes energy rift tips

Believe it or not, energy rifts are significant in the game, or you don’t stand a chance against your opponents. It would be best if you had energy riffs to boost your dragon at high speeds.

There are 4 crystals located at the bottom of your screen. Whenever you boost your dragon, you lose one of the crystals. These crystals are significant. It would help if you kept them recharged because sometimes you have to get out of a sticky situation or dodge some fireballs.

You can easily spot an energy rift on the ground or the water. All you have to do is fly over the rift, this will recharge your crystals to the max, or you can pick up infinite stamina from the battlefield and use it wisely.

Maximum use of your Shift key

century age of ashes guide

So many players neglect the shift key in the game. Using the shift key is really important for many situations, e.g., if a dragon is behind you and you need to do a 180 or turn around quickly. You gave to use shift key in those kinds of situations.

Moving and turning quickly around sharp corners or close gaps shift key is important. I will suggest everyone hop into training mode and follow the trail of the red NPC dragon that will help you move around the map quickly and learn the basics of movement in the century age of ashes.

Drake Piercer

century age of ashes drake piercer

Drake Piercer is one of the most powerful field weapons you can pick up. This weapon usually spawns after a certain period of time when someone has pickup and used it.

It is spawned on the top of the ma every time, so you have to fight through other players to get that weapon. You can use Drake piercer at very long ranges, and one shot of this weapon is an instant kill, So you have to keep an eye for other enemies who are using it, and also when you are using it, try to use it in tough situations.

Hold Your Abilities and Perks

Holding your abilities and perks is the best way to survive the end game. Many of the player bases use the abilities too quickly in a fight that they later regret.

The best time to use your perks and abilities is when you are getting damaged or you are about to kill your enemy because, in those scenarios, you are more likely to win those fights and properly use those abilities.

Some classes perks are different in playstyle and are need to be used at a certain time, sometimes early. The best possible way to learn how to improve is to hop into training and practice using your abilities there.

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