Century: Age of Ashes – Reduce Ping, Fix Latency & More

reduce ping in century age of ashes

Century: Age of Ashes is the newest multiplayer, free-to-play dragon-riding game developed by Playwing LTD, where you can get engaged in arena battles with dragons, and fight for survival.

Having low Ping and Latency is very much useful in the game, especially in multiplayer games where you need to join or interact with others.

If you are experiencing high ping, latency and other network-related issues in the game, follow this post to fix all issues related to the network, which will improve your game performance.

Advantages of Low Ping in Century : Age of ashes

Low Pings and Latency are every gamer need, it does not matter what game you are looking for, most of the multiplayer games such as Century: age of ashes require good internet connection, as well as Ping.

Low pings in-game will surely provide you with an advantage over your opponents. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you exactly how to acquire low pings in the Century age of ashes so you can dominate every battle.

How to Reduce Ping and Latency in Century : Age of ashes

Disable Window Updates

Most of the users get a high ping in the game and still don’t figure out how they are getting net lags. The very common factor which gives players high ping is the running windows update in the background.

Windows Update works automatically in the back, without any message. So, make sure you turned off the windows update for some time to get better performance.

To Force Close Windows Update –

Close Background Apps to save Bandwidth

Close all the Background running apps if running. This will save lots of bandwidth and will surely help you reduce internet issues in the game.

Remove Windows Bloatware

Most users are unaware that many programmes preinstalled in Windows 11 or 10 utilise their internets, such as the weather widget, Cortana, and others.

We need to delete and disable useless software from our PCs to increase Internet speed and FPS in any game. We offer the greatest method for you to complete this task in a single step.

Remove VPN or Proxy if installed

Another important factor, which might be actually affecting your in-game performance due to high ping and latency are the VPN’s (Virtual Private Network).

Before starting the Game, Make sure you check the running apps in the background to make sure any VPN software is not running and turned off.

To Check VPN or Proxy in Windows 11, follow –

Run Network Troubleshooter

Try to run a network Troubleshooter it will detect if your internet has some flaws or not. Before proceeding to that, make sure your Wifi is connected to the network.

For Other Windows users, such as windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10, Check detailed instructions here.

Clear Network Cache

This is a crucial step, and I’ll walk you through optimising your network driver settings to get the most out of them.

  1. Go to Start, Search for “cmd”
  2. Right click CMD, run as admin
  3. Type the following commands mentioned below in given order by pressing Enter:
    • ipconfig /flushdns
    • ipconfig /registerdns
    • ipconfig /release
    • ipconfig /renew
    • netsh winsock reset
  4. Now Simply Restart your PC.

Reset your Network

Another Method is if clearing the internet cache does not work, you can always reset the network that you are currently using.

Resetting Network is quite easy in both Windows 10 and Windows 11, you need to follow the instructions below carefully –

Use Wired Connection

The Best way to get less ping is to use a wired network with the help of an Ethernet Cable. As wireless networks are shared by multiple devices, they might cause network interference.

In terms of connectivity, wired connections are far more powerful. Using fibre or cable connections can provide you with significantly greater speed than wireless networks.

You can simply get a low-cost ethernet cable on the internet. You may use this wire to connect to your wifi router and then back to your computer.

Allow the game through Firewall

To Fix other network-related issues with the game, you can allow the game through a firewall so that it does not get interrupted while playing. To do so –

Call your Internet Service Provider

Contacting your ISP’s customer service team is the best and simplest approach to improve your internet speed. If you believe there is a problem with your Internet.

The majority of the time, your Internet is not functioning properly due to a technical issue or server overload. To remedy this, you may either change your internet brand or request that your ISP correct it.

So, if nothing works, you can always change or try to improve your internet connection by calling your ISP.

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