How to change your character’s appearance in Splatoon 3

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Nintendo has released the popular Splatoon series, and Splatoon 3 is a follow-up with some exciting new features. In the Splatlands, you will be able to play as Inklings and win. You may completely customize every aspect of your Inkling in the game, from its appearance to its tone, so you can alter your character’s appearance in Splatoon 3 by using in-game options. Keep on reading to find out more!

Here is our guide which includes instructions for changing your game character’s appearance. A few simple steps to follow:

Changing clothes in game
  1. After launching the game press the X key to open the Menu.
  2. Now use the L/R key to move to the Options tab.
  3. Scroll down further to the Other option and enter your Player Settings.
  4. Here is here, you will be able to change your character’s appearance.
  5. You can customize everything from your character’s body tone, hairstyle, eyes, eyebrows, haircut, and Legwear.
  6. Scroll down to the Hairstyle, Eyebrows, and Legwear options and press A to confirm once you get your desired look.
  7. It is also possible to change the appearance of Smallfry, your Little Follower in the game.
  8. Also, if you wish to purchase new clothes then you must be at a higher level. So try playing Turf War and increase your level and skills.
  9. Naut Couture for Headgear, Man-o’-Wardrobe for outfits, and Crush Station for shoes are the three in-game clothing stores.
  10. You need Cash to purchase them and the best way to earn is by playing other game modes and battles (Turf War matches).
  11. You can also quite easily swap the clothes your character wears.

Bear in mind that changing your gear will not only boost your character’s various abilities but also change its appearance through a wide range of clothing. You can edit your character at any moment when you are not involved in combat, but you should change your appearance before you start a Turf War or Anarchy Battle.

Everything there is to know about customizing your character’s appearance in Splatoon 3 is now known to you. Do check our other articles for more information and the latest updates of popular newly released games.

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