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Cheryl Williams is a support character in Evil Dead: The Game which was released on May 13, 2022. It is an Asymmetrical 4v1 game where you’re supposed to cooperate as survivors and defeat the Demon. This guide will help you understand Cheryl William’s skills and how to play her efficiently and ensure your team’s victory.

Support characters can be really strong and a determining factor in the victory or loss of a team during the game. Most of the support characters have abilities to buff the team and Cheryl’s abilities are based on healing and providing armor to the team. Here are all her abilities and how to play Cheryl Williams.

Cheryl Williams Abilities

how to play cheryl williams
Cheryl Williams Abilities

Cheryl Williams is Ash’s little sister who specializes in reducing the fear among her teammates and healing them simultaneously. Since she is a support character, her aggressive stats aren’t the best. Here are all her stats in-game:

StatCheryl’s Stat Value
Melee Weapons2/5
Ranged Weapons3/5
Team Assistance5/5
Cheryl Williams’ Stats

All of her abilities are based around supporting the team. Just like every other character, Cheryl also has one active skill and three passive skills. If you want to know how to play Cheryl Williams, learning her abilities is the first step.

Active Ability

Cheryl’s active ability is one of the easiest ones to understand and hence, she is a very beginner-friendly character. When you activate this skill, a healing area is created where you and all your allies can heal.

Passive Abilities

Cheryl has the following passive abilities:

  • Cola Coaster – Starts the match with an extra Shemp’s Cola. Ability to carry more Shemp’s Cola in your inventory.
  • Contact Courage – When you drink Shemp’s Cola, it reduces the fear of nearby teammates.
  • Contact Healing – Drinking Shemp’s Cola provides healing to both you and your teammates.

How to Play Cheryl Williams

Now that you know the basics about the character and her abilities, the next step is to learn how to play Cheryl Williams using the tips provided below:

  • Cheryl is a beginner-friendly character. While playing as the character, you’re supposed to babysit your teammates by keeping an eye on their health and armor on the bottom-left side of the screen. Although, as a support character, you will also need protection from enemies.
  • As mentioned before, Shemp’s Cola is really important for her. So, if you don’t have enough of them, don’t hesitate to ask your teammates to drop you some as it can benefit the entire team if you drink the Cola.
  • If Cheryl uses Amulets, it can provide a little bit of armor to all the teammates. Hence, she has a really good synergy with Pablo because he can create amulets after certain intervals.
  • As a support character, you’re really squishy. So, one of the most important things to learn while trying to figure out how to play Cheryl Williams is to dodge and shoot on target.
  • Her skill tree has a lot of variety. The skill tree is an external skill set that you can upgrade once you progress in the game. Players are free to build these skills as per their preference.

That will be all in this article on how to play Cheryl Williams.

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