How to Claim & Equip Escape from Tarkov (EFT) Twitch Drops

eft twitch drops

The Escape from Tarkov Twitch drops is finally here! if you had waited for the drops to EFT, the wait is over now. The EFT twitch drop event has just started now from December 28 and will go till Jan 7, 2022.

Battlestate is preparing to reward its players in the New Year by rewarding Escape from Tarkov players in-game drops for watching Twitch streams with the drops enabled.

What are actually Twitch Drops?

Twitch Drops are a feature of the Twitch Streaming Platform that allows you to receive free items by watching a significant portion of Twitch content.

It enables you to earn Twitch streaming in-game rewards for playing your game or achieving in-game activities, such as completing a particularly hard portion.

Requirements for Claiming Rewards

If you don’t double-check these points while watching twitch broadcasters, you’ll miss out on the incentives.

  • The Twitch streamer you are watching must not be muted.
  • You can pick up your rewards between December 28 2021 to January 07 2022.
  • Watch Twitch streamer’s video to certain time period to get rewards.
  • Some of the Top Twitch Drops enabled EFT Streamers can be found here
  • You can collect a drop after watching for 2 hours and then every 4 hours after that.

How to Claim Free Twitch Drops in EFT

There are proper working steps to gain the free rewards; make sure to follow them all, the free twitch drops can be obtained by following the points below.

link eft twitch account

You need to link your twitch account to the EFT first, to do so – Go to the Official EFT Site then click the login button on the top right. Now Enter your Email address and Password of EFT to log in.

Once you logged in there, you will see a profile page under actions you will find the Link twitch account button right there. Click on it to link your twitch account.

2) Find Streamers with Drops Enabled

eft twitch drops channels

It’s simple to discover who has been added to the Drops Enabled list for the EFT. Drops Enabled may be found at the bottom right corner of the Streamer’s name, or within the chat box at the top, written “twitch drops” with a dropdown.

3) Watch & Collect Rewards

escape from tarkov twitch drops

Now you’re ready to watch Escape from Tarkov gameplay with the streamer of your choice Now you can watch Escape from Tarkov gameplay with your favorite streamer and get free rewards.

You will be able to collect a drop after watching for 2 hours and then every 4 hours after that. The first three drops will be common the next two are rare and the last one is the legendary one.

How to Check the Claimed Drops?

You must go to the Twitch Inventory to check the Claimed Drops. Simply go to and log in with the account you’ll be using to claim your prizes. Make sure to claim these prizes as you get the drops.

Simply click this link – Twitch Inventory – to see your Twitch inventory. Scroll down to the bottom to locate the claimed items and rewards, along with the time they were received.

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