How to Claim & Equip New World Twitch drops – Quick Guide

claim new world twitch drops

Playing New World or planning to play the latest MMO (Massive Multiplayer Game)called New World, this post is going to help you get free rewards in the game.

The New World, the most anticipated MMO has been released this week, and there is much free stuff available and it is mostly available for free, which includes – Weapon Skins, Armors, and many more.

What are Twitch Drops in game?

Twitch Drops are the feature provided by the Twitch Streaming Platform, where it helps you to get Free rewards by watching a certain amount of content on Twitch.

It allows you to give in-game rewards to Twitch streams when they play your game or complete in-game missions, such as conquering a particularly difficult segment of the game.

Requirements for Claiming Rewards

Must check you are following these points while watching the twitch streamers, or you will miss the rewards.

  1. Do not mute the Twitch streamer (video)
  2. Get the rewards between September 28 and October 11.
  3. Watch 10 Hours of content of any one Twitch streamer.
  4. Top Twitch Streamers with Drops Enabled Tags –
  • Ettnix
  • Kurolily
  • The P4wnyhof
  • Fextralife
  • Pepp
  • AnnieFuchsia
  • g4g_revenant
  • LowkoTV
  • Zmok
  • Snowmixy

How to Claim Free Twitch Drops in New World

To get the free rewards, there are proper working steps, you can follow the points below to get the twitch drops for free.

1) Go to New World Lobby Screen

new world twitch drops free

Open the Game, and wait in the lobby or home screen. You will see this banner on the right side. Simply click on the banner, and wait for the page to open.

account linkong twitch

After the Page opens, it will ask you to Sign in to your Twitch account and Link your Steam. Simply do that, and you will see Success with green text under Drops Activated.

3) Find Streamers with Drops Enabled

twitch streamers with drops enabled

Every New World streamer who has been included in the Drops Enabled can be found easily. Check the bottom right of the Streamer’s name where you will find the tag of Drops Enabled.

4) Watch 10 Hours of their Content

Now, Ready to watch the New world gameplay with your selected streamer, and get free rewards. The more you watch, the more rewards you will get it.

How to Check the Claimed Drops?

twitch claimed items

To Check the Claimed Drops, you need to go to the Twitch Inventory. Simply Open up the twitch, and log in with your account which you are using to claim the rewards.

Simply click on this link – Twitch Inventory, and it will open your twitch inventory scroll down to the bottom, where you will find the claimed items and rewards with the noted time you received them. for more: read here.

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