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COD MW II(2) Tips & Tricks (Complete Beginner Guide 2022)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was recently announced at the Call of Duty Next event. It is the sequel to the popular game Modern Warfare 2019. The developers have added noticable changes and features and fixed the issues that were faced by the players in the previous instalment of the game.

For beginners in the franchise the game could feel overwhelming because of it’s requirement of a fast paced game-style. This article will guide you about the game and tell you everything you need to know about this. So, let’s get straight into it:

Get the Aim Right

Aiming right is one of the most essential components in a First person shooter game like Call of Duty. The beginner players or sometimes veterans as well don’t correctly aim when playing the game. While playing call of duty the player should always focus on keeping the crosshair or gun aimed not to high or not too low. It should be placed in the middle creating a 90° angle with the players character feet and parallel to the ground.

This gives the player a pretty good advantage as the crosshair aims at the chest area of the opponent, when you fire the gun the recoil makes the crosshair go in an upwards direction which in turn can get you those lucky headshots

modern warfar2

Get a Team to Play With

Playing solo in Call of Duty is surely a way to play the game but playing with teammates specially with people you know is always a boost to your performance. The game is heavily dependent on team performance, there are single player clutch moments and MVP moments but at the end of the day you cannot win a game if your team doesn’t play well.

Getting a team is important as it helps you to be free and don’t worry about making mistakes as a beginner. On the other hand it’s fun as you can always bait your teammates to get those thrifty kills as well.

Movement in Game

For new players it is very essential to get used to the movement options that are available in the game so that they can move as they want and get as creative as they want. In Modern Warfare 2 there is a slight change in the movement mechanics from the previous installment.

This change will affect the veteran players more as compared to new players. The sliding movement in MW2 will now take more time to execute and a person cannot shoot while sliding. Basically the slide cancelling technique cannot be used anymore in the game.

Don’t get Stressed

Call of Duty games are fast paced action shooters which make the adrenaline levels High for any player, but when a situation doesn’t go the way the player wants, they start getting stressed. Getting stressed is a big disadvantage in these games as it slows down your reaction speed and makes you rage when you commit mistakes. So remember to be calm when things are not going your way and enjoy the game, don’t worry for the results.

Weapons and Gunsmith

Weapons in Call of Duty are the main way to compete in the game. Weapons have an influence on the game on how it’s played, there are huge variety of guns and their attachments Available for them. You will need to level up your guns and unlock the attachments one by one, levelling ul the guns can be done by playing with guns or using the gun during matches.

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