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How to Fix COD Vanguard Crashing at Startup – Easy way

cod vanguard crashing start

COD vanguard – is currently in Beta state, and most of the players are not satisfied with it. After the beta release, players were expecting an amazing FPS game, but as per reviews it is not going good.

If you are playing Vanguard, and getting some weird errors, or if your game is crashing at the launch, then don’t worry this is not only with you, many players reported this issue to developers, and are waiting for it to fix.

COD Vanguard PC Beta Errors

The Errors with Vanguard are mostly same for everyone, and some other minor errors also exists. Some of the repeated errors players are getting are – Error Code 0x1338 and 0xC000005 (0X0) N.

The most repeated error is here the Fatal Error which is 0xC000005 (0X0) N, is coming to the players while launching the game, and resulting into crash.

Vanguard Fatal Error Code 0xC000005 (0X0) N

cod vanguard fatal error

This Error is coming to most of the users, in the early beta version of the game, which was also recorded same with previous Call of Duty – Cold War in 2020. This Error is called Fatal Error and it can be showing due to improper Game optimization and other game files errors.

How to Fix COD Vanguard Beta Crash Error

These Fixes are not permanent, but it can help you to solve the crash issue at the moment, these are some fixes, that we tested and believed it can work well in fixing the common launch errors in vanguard.

Rrmove Battle.Net Friends

remove battlenet friends

This is the best method that you can do to avoid game crashing. For some reasons, the game is crashing if you have more than 100 Players in your Friend lists.

So, check if this is the case with you, remove all your inactive friends from the list and make it around 100 or less than that. This issue was also seen in 2020 with other COD Series games, and removing some friends fixed it.

As lots of players on the Reddit and twitter suggested this fix, you should definitely try and get the crash error fixed.

Delete Cache Files

Screenshot 198

The Corrupted cache files can also cause this Crash problem in any games including COD vangaurd. You must try to delete the cache folder of the Battle net launcher in order t fix the problem.

  1. Make sure the game is not running
  2. Go to Start – Search
  3. Search for “%programdata%”
  4. Open Folders – Blizzard Entertainment – – Cache
    (C:\ProgramData\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache)
  5. Delete every folder or files under the Cache folder

Force the Game on DirectX 11

cod vanguard battlenet repair

This method is highly effective and can fix your crash issue more than any other method. If you see any launching issues or black screen it will be fixed easily just by adding a small code to the game settings in Launcher.

Forcing the game to use Direct x 11 is always beneficial. The game defaults uses a Direct x 12 Graphics Framework, and most of the players are having issues with it.

  1. Open Launcher
  2. Click on the Game Name on left side
  3. Go to Settings – Game Settings
  4. Tick the Additional command line arguments there
  5. Add “-d3d11” there
  6. Press Done

Modify Game Executable Properties

executable properties cod vanguard

Modify the COD Vangaurd game executable settings under the game file properties, which can fix the game errors and other issues by setting up manual permissions that will directly apply inside the game.

You need to find the COD Vanguard (.exe) file, you can look up in the installed location under location – C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty Vanguard Beta.

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty Vanguard Beta Location
  2. Right click on Vanguard.exe and go to Properties
  3. Go to Compatibility tab and Tick the “Disable Fullscreen Optmizations” and “Run this Program as an administrator”
  4. Click Change High DPI Settings

Disable External Overlays

cod vanguard discord overlay off 1

Make sure to Disable the External Overlays that has been running behind with the game. The overlay can be of any software that has overlay feature. Most of the common apps with overlay Discord, NVIDIA Geforce Experience overlay.

Disabling Discord Overlay –

  1. Go to Discord Settings
  2. Under Activity Settings, Open Game Overlay
  3. Turn off the “Enable n-game overlay” there.
  4. or Simply go to “Activity status”, and toggle the COD Vanguard game overlay there.

Disabling Geforce Experience Overlay

  1. Run NVIDIA Gefore Experience
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Under General tab, Disable the In-game overlay there

Repair Game files

battle net repair files

If none of the above method worked for you, its time to ensure the games files are all good and not corrupted. If the vanguard files are corrupted, then it is sure the game will crash before even launching.

You can easily check for the game files and repair it by going to the Launcher settings, and it will automatically replace the corrupted files with the new working files.

  1. Open Launcher Client
  2. On left side, Right click on COD Vanguard beta
  3. Go to options – Scan and repair – Start Scan
  4. Restart the Launcher


Try the above methods, which one works for you, for the Fatal Error in any COD Series, the first method works for all, try to keep friends under 100 or around it. Also if this method does not works, you can also check the other methods step by step to fix the crash issue in vanguard.

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