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COD Vanguard – Fix Packet Loss, High Latency, Increase FPS

As the COD Vanguard released and running currently in the Early Beta access, the game itself has lots of errors and bugs that players are getting, which is the most annoying for the new Call of Duty Series game, that we had not expected.

COD Vanguard is now in beta, as an amazing First person Shooter game, it is really amazing with its gameplay, graphics and the new game modes. But it has come with lots of bugs and loss, that is slightly annoying for players.

COD Vanguard Minimum Requirements :

  • OS: Windows 10 64-Bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD Ryzen 5 1600X
  • GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 / Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon R9 38
  • RAM: 8 GB

Make sure your PC is falling under these requirements so that you can enjoy the game without any lags.

But if you are not in the minimum category of specifications, do not worry, you can still play by reducing the lags, and Increasing FPS in game, by following the Methods below.

COD vanguard Lags, High Latency, Stutter Fix

FPS Lags – Common lags or Client lag which is directly linked to your computer, and depends upon your system specifications.

Latency Lags – This Lag is least dependent on your system specs but more depends on your internet, this lag can be fixed easily by improving your net connection.

Stutters – This lag happens due to the Graphics drivers which is not able to load or run the game graphics properly and resulting into an more lags.

How to Fix Lags in COD Vanguard Beta

Disable VSync in Game

Vsync features is important for the amazing graphics, but it is not always important if you want great performance in games. VSync synchronises the Frame rates of the game according to your Monitor refresh rates, and takes a lot of graphics usage.

Disabling the VSync feature can really improve your FPS by reducing the load on the graphics. Specially if you have low end PC, this must be off in order to get stable performance.

  1. Go to Game Settings
  2. Under Graphics, Choose Display
  3. Set Sync Every Frame (V-SYNC) to OFF

Reduce Game Resolution

Reducing the COD vanguard game resolution can also improve your in game FPS and performance. Make sure you reduce the Display Resolution in the game to some lower resolution, but do not make it extreme lower.

Having Low Resoution means, the game has only few pixels now to render, and less load on GPU also it will take less power in lower resolution. So try to lower down game resolution and see huge increase in FPS.

Disable External Overlays

Many users have been already reporting about the Lags in COD Vanguard in some case it is because of the game overlay which has been active by various applications, that is highly needed to be closed.

Overlays are the features in the apps, which allows users to access some part of that application while playing the game. Must note every other app has different way for disabling overlay.

  1. Open App Settings
  2. Go to Game overlay
  3. Disable the In-game overlay

Update Graphics Driver

If you are experiencing certain lags like shuttering while playing or screen flickering, this might due to your old or outdated graphics card drivers.

Make sure you always update your GPU drivers, for both AMD and NVIDIA Graphics cards. To Update your GPU Drivers – Follow this post.

Prioritize Call of Duty: Vanguard

One of the great way to increase performance of the game is to set its priority to high. It means the game will use more CPU and GPU as compared to other applications, which might be running in the background.

So Making COD Vanguard process Priority to high will surely help in improving the FPS.

  1. Open Task Manager ( Ctrl + Shift + Esc)
  2. Go to Details
  3. Search for the game name
  4. Right clickSet PriorityHigh

Set to Windows Performance Mode

After changing lots of settings above, here you can also take benefit from the Performance Option Feature in the Windows that comes by default.

This method can help reducing some of the lags which you get while playing the game.

  1. Go to Windows Search
  2. Search for “Adjust the Appearance and Performance of Windows”
  3. Choose the Third for “Best Performance” there
  4. Apply

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