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How To Do and Complete Doglife Challenge Bitlife

In this guide, we will talk about how you can simply complete the Doglife Challenge in Bitlife and get a unique appearance item to your avatar after completing this challenge. This challenge is a super easy one to do.

BitLife is a realism-based text-based life simulator that allows you to live a different existence. Interactive story games have been around for quite some time. This is the first text-based life simulator, however, that truly integrates and replicates adult life.

How to do the challenge?

It is just a simple task that every one can do in just a short amount of time. DogLife also known as DogLife: BitLife Dogs is a simulator with which players can enjoy the life of a dog whether it be street dog or home dog or many other types.

  1. Open Google Play Store if you are using Android devices.
  2. Open App Store if you are using Apple devices running iOS.
  3. Now search for a game called Doglife.
  4. Download by clicking install or get and install the game.
  5. Here, what you have to do to complete this challenge is simply open the game and play for some time.
  6. Age up and give birth to 2 litters of puppies.
  7. Once you have done that, you can simply go back Bitlife and you will get your rewards for completing the bitlife challenge.

The DogLife challenge was launched on Bitlife on 10 December 2021 so make sure you complete this challenge fast to get all the rewards as it will end in 5 days including the launch date.

Make sure to check out other bitlife challenges and know how to complete them easily.

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Yuvraj Pratap Singh

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