Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Complete Legendary Bow Side Quest

Tiny Tina Wonderlands All Legendary Weapons Tier List

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is the spin-off title to the legendary Borderlands series. Being tied with such a loved series creates certain expectations from the game, and it seems like Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands does not disappoint, as the game features the same Co-op focused snappy gameplay of the Borderlands series and features some of the best loot featured in the entire series.

Being a Looter-Shooter, we know that the most important thing for the players is obviously the loot, so we have decided to bring you this guide to tell you how you can complete the Legendary Bow side quest in the game to acquire one of the coolest weapons features in the game.

How to Start The Quest

In order to start, you would have to complete the 5th mission in the main quest line, called Emotion of the Ocean. This side quest takes place in the overworld which is a completely new addition to the borderland series where you walk around the map as a cartoonish avatar with a top view of your avatar instead of the usual first-person perspective.

In the overworld, you will encounter Raela in the Nocean who will give you the side quest to find the legendary bow.

How to Complete the Quest

Here is the step by step guide on how you can complete the sidequest-

  1. Find the Scroll– The first step for completing the mission is finding the scroll which will help you find the exact location of the legendary bow. You will find the scroll to the right of where Raela is near the wishing well.
  2. Pick up the Scroll and Enter the Cave– Once you pick up the scroll you will automatically enter a cave where the rest of the quest will take place.
  3. Survive the Encounters– In the cave, you will have to survive two encounters, the first encounter is relatively easy and should not pose any problem however you will have to face a badass skeleton in the second encounter so be sure you are prepared and not under-leveled.
  4. Claim your reward and go back to Raela– After surviving the second encounter, you will be given the legendary bow and in order to complete the sidequest you would have to go back to Raela and speak to her.

Thanks for reading the article, I hope I was able to help you! Have a nice day, everyone.

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