Complete NieR Automata Become as Gods Monthly Xbox Game Pass Quest

In this guide we will talk about how you can easily complete the NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition Monthly Xbox Game Pass Quest – Complete One Objective 1% Intel easily by following the steps.

Nier Automata Become As Gods Edition is a special edition of the original Nier Automata, where you have to fight the “Gods” which are creators of machines of destruction, which have been unleashed on the planet.

This game gets a new quest for players to complete each month, from Xbox Game Pass. Doing this, they get rewarded with a considerable amount of points. If you’re confused as to how you can complete this month’s quest, this guide is for you, as we’re showing you how to do exactly that.

How to complete this quest?

NieR Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition Monthly Xbox Game Pass Quest Complete One Objective 1 Intel 31 35 screenshot compressed

One thing to note about this particular quest is that it is kind of buggy, so it gets completed at different stages of the game for different people. IN this guide, we’ll be showing you what part of the game triggered the achievement notification for us, so you can check if the same happens with you too.

To complete this month’s Xbox Game Pass quest, that is to complete 1% intel in the game, you can start up a new game from the games menu and load it into it. Since difficulty does not matter here, we recommend going with the Easy setting.

  • Once loaded up, you will need to play through the game for about 30 minutes.
  • If you chose the easy setting, doing this should be fairly easy, just remember to press B on your controller every time a cutscene pops up or those will slow you down.
  • When you reach the abandoned city mission, and the game lands you down onto one of the ruined building’s roofs, you then need to go ahead on foot towards the given objective marked on your map.
  • Before you reach the marker, however, you can take a slight detour off the bridge and straight towards the buildings.
  • You will need to keep exploring this place for a while until you reach this open field with water puddles all around.
  • This is the place where the Quest got completed for us, so be sure to go check it out.

According to Reddit, this spot is one of the most common places to trigger the quest completion achievement, but since the feature is buggy, the game might just award you the quest, before you even get here, so keep a lookout for it on your Game Pass tab.

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